Jul. 10, 2019


July 11th is the 4 year anniversary of the day I lost my beautiful Lake. 💔  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect 1st horse.  I miss her dearly but am comforted when I think of how our lives as we knew it my household changed.  Horses will do that!🤪  My growth as a horse owner and rider from the day I brought her home to today amaze me when I think about it! 

My sweet Lake…..You raced, you were a mama, you were rescued from slaughter and I had the privilege of having you as a member of my family and a teacher that gave me what I needed to continue down this path I am following.  I believe you led me to another who was in desperate need of a safe landing from a horrible rescue because he was not the great prospect they hoped he would be and found him possibly not adoptable. Ready to be put down with a bullet. Thank you for everything you gave!!  I believe you are watching over Arrow and I and continue to guide us through this journey!  The pic is of Lake and Arrow. ❤