Apr. 27, 2019

Happy Birthday Arrow!!

Arrow is 12 years old!! My magical boy has been with me for almost 4 years!  I don’t know where time has gone!😲


I haven’t written in awhile.  Things have been pretty routine with a few set backs.  It would appear he is due for a Corticosteroid injection in his neck.  Chloe rode him a few weeks ago and he had issues in the arthritic area of his neck.  Dr. Huth wanted to see if acupuncture would work before doing the injection.  When Chloe gets back from the Horse Show I am going to schedule a ride for a reevaluation.  If he still has issues I will do the injection. For those of you keeping track of the $$ amount, that is close to $600.  The acupuncture treatments are $75.  I’m hoping he keeps his shoes on!  It seems he loses one just before he is suppose to have a ride. 😉  The one and only good thing about that is I have learned to remove a shoe.  That is very important when their shoe is sprung and not off completely.  They could really hurt their hoof if they stepped on the nail of the shoe that partially came off.  His farrier put different shoes on him today that have clips.  Those are a whole new ball game when it comes to removal so he better keep these on.  He has sprung 2 and lost 2 in the past 2 months so I’m thinking he is stepping on his own shoe.  It’s always the fronts too.  The 1st time I removed it myself I was alone with him in his field. He wasn’t tied or anything and just stood there while I pried it off.  The 2nd time Kristen held him for safety but he was just as good. 👍

I have learned that Arrow is an enforcer and protector when it comes to his small herd!😠  No one messes with them!  I believe it was last month that a horse that was once boarded with Nike and Annie a few years ago, was put in their field after the owner told Terry her horse knew them and was boarded with them before. This seemed like a good place for her horse to live.  What the owner failed to disclose was that her horse beat the crap out of Nike every time he tried to get close to Annie.  Annie is truly his security blanket so this was very stressful for him as the horse continued to do the same as it had years ago.  The new horse took a huge bite out of Nike’s back and wouldn’t let him near Annie.  Arrow was out of the field at this time getting new shoes. ($185 every 6 weeks)  I wasn’t there but heard from Kristen, that when Arrow was released back into the field he was completely on the opposite side from where this was going on.  She said his Stallion came out and he got really big with an “oh, hell no!” look on his face and he tore across the field and chased the horse away from them.  I believe at one point he ran it through the electric fence. The new horse was permanently removed about an hour later and Arrow continued to be the barrier between him and Annie and Nike until that happened.  I was proud of Arrow for standing up for his friends.  It also showed me that he understood the relationship between Annie and Nike.  I think that is pretty remarkable.❤


While the picture doesn’t show all the detail, Khloee, a new co-worker, made this Beautiful nose band for Arrow’s halter!! I was floored when I saw it!  It is definitely a keepsake I will always cherish!  Check out Denny Custom Leather on FB to see more.


Kristen and I did have a representative from Hygain feed come out to look at our horses and evaluate their needs.  We put them on a grain routine that was balanced and gave them everything they needed.  Some of Arrow’s behavior showed he was missing some minerals and salt he needed and found my current grain lacked any of it.  This explained his excessive licking of his salt block and dirt eating.  She said it showed Arrow knew he was lacking something.  This explains his gut being filled with enough sand to build a sand castle a few years ago.  The monthly psyllium I give him assists with removing the sand but now he may not have as much he because he will stop doing that.  I’m excited to see the results in a month or so!  She said he looked great and may even look better after a few cycles of the new grain.  Will definitely update on that!


Arrow continues to get PEMF therapy monthly and acupuncture and chiropractic as needed.  He had an Osphos shot ($300) and dental ($150) recently. He also gets a strict regimen of Love from me!❤💋


There have been lots of changes around Kingsway recently and currently.  Chloe’s trainer, Tamie Smith (one of the top Eventer’s in the U.S.) is taking up residence (if that is even correct to say) at Kingsway.  She has top riders from around the world come and do clinics.  I’m excited as Arrow’s field is across from the arenas and cross country field so I’ll get to see some of this when tending to the herd.🤪  We are also moving to the middle barn that is closer to Arrow’s field and even closer is a new tack room, wash rack and cross ties so super convenient!  His field was the furthest you could be away from the barn before.  This saves me time walking him all of the way up!


Finally I have to talk about the newest member of the herd even though she doesn’t reside in the field yet.  There is a chance she may not.  It depends on many factors.  Her name is Andromache ‘Drew’ and she is a 6 year old OTTB.  Kristen got her last month and she is a shining star!! She is in full training with Chloe and eating well so Kristen doesn’t want to disrupt her routine at this critical point.  A change to the field would definitely do that now.  If she does live it the field, she would be introduced very slowly and to Annie at 1st.  Arrow will probably be the most difficult but he does seem to do a little better with the ladies.😋


I’m determined to keep up with my blog and look forward to reporting all kinds of positives next month!!