Jul. 4, 2018

No time for Arrow :-(

I can’t believe how much time has passed since the last time I was able to write in Lake’s blog!!!  I went back to work which really changed my life.  I now work at Tractor Supply and I really like my job and the people I work with.  The problem is it is retail so the hours are always different and somehow fall on the time I spend with Arrow.😥  In my last post I talked about Simon.  He was wonderful in the time he spent trying to work with me on how to help Arrow’s Kissing spine. While the exercises seemed like they could be beneficial, it turns out Arrow has too much else going on.  He was very sore at his last chiropractic session and he has pain in his back right now.  It’s frustrating.  It’s a roller coaster of encouragement and discouragement.  Because of my lack of time to work with him on a set schedule, I have started lessons with Chloe for him rather than lessons for me.  When I take lessons I have to lease a horse since I do not have one of my own to use.  Using my horse $$ to get Arrow better is a higher priority for me at this time.  I actually make less working than I did on unemployment so I have to be careful on my spending. L  He has an important Vet visit next week to evaluate where he is at and what the next treatments will be.  I used all of my insurance so it’s all out of pocket from here on.😮

Something I didn’t expect when going back to work was the disconnect I felt at my barn.  I haven’t been there as much.  I’m lost as to what to do with Arrow next and yes, I am jealous of others and the time they get to spend riding their horses.  Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate all of the wonderful horses I have the privilege of riding! 🤪  Gwendolyn and Dutchess have especially found a place in my heart ❤ and have been excellent teachers!  There are just days I want to ride Arrow around enjoy the day, scenery and time with my boy.  I’m hoping for some sort of light at his next visit.  I’m going to inquire about the possibility of acupuncture.  I’ve heard many good things about it but those horses usually don’t have as many issues as Arrow.  

Arrow had a significant change in his life besides my extended time away.  I mentioned that he was constantly removing his pasture mate’s fly masks and sheets.  It was getting costly for the owner.  He was moved a few weeks ago to a pasture with 4 other geldings.  I know I am being an over protective horse mom and that he is fine, but he hasn’t really bonded with them yet and it makes me sad to see him standing alone.  I think he really enjoyed watching the arena activity where he was before.  For those concerned about using the cross country field with him in there, it is probably better from a safety point of view that he is not in there. I just wish he had a friend to frolic with. Funny thing is, there is a horse in his new field that wears a fly mask and Arrow doesn’t touch it.  Go figure!🤨

As of now my time with Arrow is spent going on 30 minute hand walks around Kingsway, doing stretches Chloe had shown me and lunging in the round pen.  I’ve stopped the Pessoa because of his current pain and will not do anything above what I’m doing until his evaluation. 

Apparently my little escape artist got out of his field the other night.  Not sure who found him but he was found and put in a pen.  I did have a short panic session not knowing where he was but Chloe found him.  Weird that he was the only one that got out. I still don’t know what happened. I’m just glad he stayed on Kingsway property!!👍

Hopefully my next post will have a positive plan for Arrow with a little bit of hope! 🙂  I’m also hoping he settles into his new home and finds a friend or 2 to play with.  The pic is him briefly mingling with his new pasture mates.💋