Apr. 28, 2018

Arrow is 11 today!!!

It’s Arrow’s Birthday!! Having him in my life makes me feel like it is my Birthday everyday. 💋  I so love this boy! Today will be a day of treats and a nice relaxing walk around Kingsway.  It will be a hand walk while listening to Barry Manilow, The Eagles or The Capenters.  I’ll let him decide. 😋

Normally we would go for a ride on his birthday but unfortunately he has had a set back.  Last week I worked him in the Pessoa and then the next day rode him for almost 2 hours.  We trotted a few steps to catch up to Kristen and Annie and the rest was walking.  I just realized I have not talked about them.  At the end of my last post I mentioned the Hunter Derby.  It was sooooo much fun!  I did 2 different classes.  I rode in the Hill Toppers which simulates riding through a Hunting field.  I am probably not wording it right. It is timed. Usually it is teams of 2 or 3 but I was allowed to ride with Kristen and her horse Annie and her friend Brianne and Kristen’s other horse Nike, and another student of Chloe’s, Rachael, and her brand new horse C.J.  I rode Gwendolyn.  We got 5th place!  Then I did the X Rails with Kristen and we got 3rd!  That is where you jump a series of 10 X Rails as a pair in an arena setting trying to reach optimum time.  Kristen came to Kingsway after her horses were evacuated during the San Luis Rey fires.  She liked Kingsway so much she stayed.  Good thing!  I’ve really met the most fascinating people since I became a horse owner at Kingsway. As I am meeting more and more people I am really learning how unique Kingsway is today.  Not many barns left like it in Southern California. Side bar finished. 😀  The 2 hour ride was too much for Arrow.  He was very saddle sore afterwards and I did not have any pain killers for him. 🤒  He is actually still a little sore so I am going back to just Pessoa work and hand walks for at least 2 weeks.  Debra did his PEMF therapy a little early to help ease his pain.  It’s like trying to find out the right combination or dosage of drugs for people.  I have to figure out what his threshold is.  What amount of rehab and riding is too much and what is too little.  We will figure it out.  I’m sure it will change over time as he ages.  All I know is he was not a very happy horse that day of our long walk.  Ugh!   He has been resting ever since.  Today we did the Pessoa for about 15 minutes and he responded very well so I want to keep this positivity going and not get him worked up again.  I’m working with the Vet and my insurance company to see how many additional shockwave therapy treatments I can do.  I should be able to do 2 as each treatment is $400 and I have $800 left to spend for insurance.  As of now, Shockwave therapy is the ONLY treatment covered.

Arrow was really cute the other day.  It was very quiet as far as people at Kingsway but there was the normal constant bird chirping going on.  It’s like one of those relaxation apps.  I brought Arrow up to groom him.  There is a tree next to where I tie him up.  I don’t know what kind of bird it was but it had a distinctive sound from the other’s and would only chirp for about 30 seconds every 5 minutes or so.  Arrow kept his head down and eyes almost closed most of the time I groomed him but every time the bird would start chirping his head would shoot up, his ears went forward and he would stare at the tree.🤪  As soon as the bird stopped he put his head down.  I have no idea what attracted him to that particular bird since you always hear birds.  Wish he could tell me.😉

The other day I was walking around with Arrow and someone told me he had beautiful Dapples!  What???  In my head I knew dapples to be on Gray horses and I thought that was just part of their markings.  I took a step back and looked at him in the sunlight and sure enough found he was covered in them.  He has never had dapples since I got him.  So of course I went to my ever so knowledgeable trainer Chloe and said I was going to ask a dumb question.  Can a horse sometimes have dapples and then not have dapples?  She told me this was an indication that I was taking good care of him and he is in good health.  An article I read said that some horses do not have the genes to produce them so some of the healthiest horses will never have dapples.  My dapple lesson was very exciting for me as a newer horse owner.  Sometimes I question whether I am really doing the best I can for him and while there is definitely lots of room for improvement and learning it just confirms that I am on the right track! 👍