Apr. 5, 2018

Arrow's healing....

Spring is finally here!   I probably do not get as excited as those in areas that actually have seasons.  To me it seems like it has been Spring since the Fall.  I’m thrilled to say that my little Money Pit (Arrow of course! 🙃) has had great improvement since therapy started after his diagnosis.  Chloe rode him for the 1st time since October a few weeks ago.  She said he did better than she expected.  She gave me the ok to ride him lightly.  I rode him twice with her before I attempted to trail ride him on my own.  So far we have gone on 3 rides, 1 with Dutchess, and they made my heart happy! ❤ Arrow was such a good boy!  Very relaxed and easy going.  He didn’t spook at all!  He really is becoming a different horse.  My farrier said he is different when getting shod.  His anxiety has gone away.  Debra said she just had the best session with him yet, my Vet that does his chiropractic and his general Vet said his top line is filling out nicely so Yayyyyyyy for Arrow!!! I’m so happy for him and it makes the expense so far a little less painful. 🤔  I’m reaching $7000 and only $2500 has been covered.  I just submitted my last receipt for $1400 for the Shockwave Therapy.  Fingers crossed on this.  I have a high school reunion in Minnesota at the end of the summer so I need my plane ticket $$ back! 👍  I also do not see him not needing his chiropractic or PEMF sessions anytime in the near future and that is not covered.  Ugh.😥  I never once have questioned whether it’s worth it.  I just need to see him grazing in the pasture as I enter through the gate to Kingsway to know he is worth every penny. 💋

Arrow’s new pasture mate ‘Darwin’ has moved in and so far so good!  He is a cutie pie and very friendly! They have a little herd.🤩  Arrow is doing better at not biting Perazzi’s blankets but the problem is not completely gone.  Still hoping!

He has had an amazing amount of visitors too!  I think he really enjoys the attention.👍   My friend Bobi brought her son Nick and daughter Kenzi and Kenzi’s friend Jocelyn. He met 2 super sweet Japanese exchange students we had for a weekend, Ryusei and Tsubasu.  Joe brought our family friend Keith out when Keith was on a ride along with Joe, to meet Arrow and then Keith’s wife Chris brought her son Shane (pictured, other pics of visitors will be added to the photo section) to meet him and take a Kingsway tour.  This also meant more Arrow time for me! 😉

Arrow will continue to do the Pessoa 2 times a week, chiropractic every 4-6 weeks and PEMF therapy every few weeks.  I don’t think I’ll ride him more than once or twice a week mostly at the walk.  Especially now when I still want Chloe to ride him so she can monitor his progress.

This weekend I am participating in the Hunter Pace which is where teams of 2 or 3 ride a cross country course and jump obstacles.  This is something new for me so not exactly sure what to expect.  I have a jump lesson tomorrow to “tune up”.  Unfortunately part of the course goes through Arrow’s pasture so he will be moved for 3 days and I am not sure where to.  Hopefully he will not have to go in a stall.  He is not a ‘stall’ horse and not really a ‘pen’ horse either.  Thank God it’s only for a few days or I might be a little stressed for him!  I would like to do the course with no jumping on Arrow next year.  We have a goal!!😀