Mar. 3, 2018

The rehab continues.....

It’s been a little bit since I last wrote.  The month of February was pretty routine for Arrow.  I’ve been trying to do his rehab with the Pessoa at least 4 times a week.  Weather sometimes made it only possible to do two or three.  I also take him for 25-30 minute walks around the perimeter of Kingsway.  I found I benefitted from this as well and have lost a few pounds so far.👍  On the weeks we couldn’t do as much Pessoa training (round pen too wet) I would back him up hills.  This is another exercise to help develop his back.  All of this ground work has actually translated into him using his big boy listening ears better!  He still has not been ridden since his diagnosis.  I’m not in a rush to rehab him and ride as I don’t want to do something too soon that would set him back or cause a really bad experience for him.  Arrow just finished his 3rd round of shock wave therapy and 2nd PEMF session.  Debra set him up on an injury package.  I just submitted my receipts for this so I’m hoping it is covered.  Each session is $85.  I do not know how much each shockwave treatment is because the Vet sends her invoice directly to the insurance company.

Arrow strongly feels his pasture mate Perazzi does not need to wear any blankets or fly masks and continues to try to remove them.  This causes a lot of problems because it results in tears in the blankets and destruction of the masks.  Frustraing for Debra. When Arrow was neighbors with Dylan he would get his masks removed so maybe he thinks this is something horses do for each other.😉  I got a can of Chew Stop for Debra to spray on the blankets and masks and so far things have been ok.  It is really nasty to taste.🤒

I worried that Arrow living in the cross country field would be an issue for anyone trying to jump their horse in it.  For the most part he has been a good boy except, of course, when I was in there practicing on Gwendolyn for a horse show last weekend at Galway Downs which is across the street from Kingsway.  I know he didn’t mean to do anything that might put me in danger on purpose but he is a silly gelding and likes to stir the pots!  I was having a great lesson and felt I was able to control Gwen’s speed at the canter the best I ever had.  We even successfully jumped over a larger jump then we ever had! 🤪 The picture is of us going over that jump. I’m a little high on her neck but prior to this particular jump you see here, things had gone well.  After my 3rd jump we decided to do 1 more for good measure and I talked to Chloe about what I needed to do to improve before attempting it.  Gwen’s owner, Mary, was also present at this lesson.  This whole time Arrow and Perazzi were quietly standing under a tree wayyyyyyy  on the other side of the field.  Remember, I said I felt like I had control of her speed.  While talking to Chloe my lovely Arrow had made his way over to Chloe and Mary looking for treats and attention.  I could feel Gwen getting a little excited while looking at him but didn’t think much of it.  My mistake.😲  A few minutes later Perazzi came over to see what was going on.  Arrow looked at him, both spun around, took off running, bucking, jumping and ran off to the gate on the other side of the field.  Great!  I can now complete my final jump.  What I didn’t know was that Gwendolyn seemed to have the opinion that these geldings could learn a thing or two and needed to see what a retired champion Eventing horse could do! 😋  I wanted to trot the last jump.  She now wanted to canter.  She also wanted to show the boys how high she could jump.  I was not prepared for the height of that final jump but we did mange it.  I was off balance and after about 3 strides at the canter I fell off to the left side and she galloped off to the right and headed straight for the boys.  The result?  A cut on my nose from my glasses getting hit by my helmet and a swollen bruised leg.  It’s still swollen as I write but we were able to compete in the Show and I was very pleased with our performance.  I did have X-Rays because the Urgent Care doctor thought I might have had a fracture.  I did not but have to go back for an ultra sound if the swelling doesn’t go down by next week.  I have to down play the injury so Joe doesn’t worry too much!😉  He says my leg looks like I was in a terrible car crash.  It was just a horse crash.  Lesson learned?  Arrow needs to be removed before I train in the XC field.

I’m happy with the results of Arrow’s treatment so far.  I realized yesterday I have not seen him do his quirky head toss in a few weeks.  The Vet had suggested this was him trying to find comfort from pain when I brought it up at the beginning of all of this.  He had done this since I brought him home.  This may be a positive sign.  I do plan on attempting my 1st ride on him this month.  Definitely not until Chloe has ridden him and gives me the ok.  In the meantime I continue to ride horses like Gwendolyn, Dutchess and Jones.  This is so beneficial to me as each horse is very different to ride.

I don’t like ending on a ‘debby downer’ note but unfortunately we lost a horse at Kingsway the other day to Colic.😥💔  It affects everyone.  My heart goes out to his owner who is so dedicated to her horses.  She is out there everyday caring for them.  Rest in Peace Reed and know your Mama Loved Loved Loved You!!