Jan. 27, 2018

Happy Heavenly Birthday Lake!

My Dear Beautiful Lake, 

You would have been 14 today.  There is hardly a day that goes by I don’t think of you.  Your winner’s circle portrait is one of the 1st things I see when I come out of my room in the morning.  You proved to me that dreams can come true!  I still have to pinch myself to remember that I owned such a magnificent horse as you! 😮

My birth mother told me “some people just have to get born!”  I took that to heart and extended that to animals.  Many believe there are people and animals that sometimes come into our lives for a short time but have a significant impact.  You had a significant impact in my life.  I learned so much from you in the short 9 months we were together. You made me even more horse crazy!!  Can you believe I actually did an Eventing show?  We could have done that! 👍  Did you know one of your 1st jockeys, Victor Espinoza, won the Triple Crown on a horse named American Pharaoh?  You were probably one of his favorites. 😉 

You were gracious, kind, forgiving and patient.  You needed to be patient.  You knew you were dealing with a newbie when we met. 😋  Your eyes said so much.  Joe said the day we lost you was one of the worst days of life.  He said he will never get my scream out of his head when I found out you were gone.  It was one of the worst days of my life too.  I learned that dreams can be shattered as quickly as they come true.💔  I don’t tell you this to make you sad.  I would never trade those 9 months with you just to avoid my heartache.  I think happy thoughts when I think of you. 😀  I use what you taught me to help me with your brother Arrow. Thank You for being such a great teacher!  We will see each other again someday.  In the mean time, I hope you are grazing on endless fields of your favorite hay and grass, getting endless amounts of carrots and enjoying long peaceful naps in the sun.  Your best girlfriend Flirti says ‘Hi!’  I told her I was going to be writing you a letter.  Enjoy your Birthday!  I love you to the end of the universe and beyond!  The picture of you is one of my most favorites. 💋  The artist painted it using different photos I had of you and Arrow.  It is how I imagined you would have watched over him.❤