Nov. 30, 2017

A Bunch of stuff :-)

I did not realize that I would actually be busier when unemployed.  How did I get anything done?  It has been a little hard to adjust to.  Controlling my spending has been a little bit of a challenge.  Especially when it comes to ‘horsey’ stuff! 🤪  I decided it would be a good idea to get insurance for Arrow.  $825 for his premium is much easier to handle than a $10,000 vet bill.  I didn’t want to be faced with that horrible decision of operating or euthanizing.  With horses it seems that everything is a big expense as my almost 3 year blog has shown. 😠

Since my last post Arrow’s new pasture mate, Perazzi, has moved back home. The pic is of them within the 1st few minutes of meeting.  They are like hormonal mares.  They get along sometimes, ignore each other at other times, or have little disagreements which result in Arrow chasing Perazzi off.  Arrow can be an Ass when it comes to other horses getting in on his Human time.  Even when it’s the other horse’s Human.  He chases Perazzi away when Debra tries to get him.  Not because he doesn’t like Perazzi, he just thinks Debra needs to spend time with him 1st!  He did it to those trying to get Slim too.  He can be a pain. 😮  Both horses have their battle scars in the form of bites but they are superficial and I hope this diminishes soon!  Slim moved out for a short period of time to hang out with the baby.  His mama, Mariposa, had to be euthanized a few weeks ago.  Very sad. 😥  She was Millie’s Mama.  You may remember her from my 1st posts.  She was Lake’s friend.  The baby is soooooo friendly and has quickly adjusted to life with Slim.  Arrow misses him though.  They can see each other and I do hear them chatting it up.🤩

I’ve still been riding Dutchess while Brenda continues to recover.  I also ride Arrow for bonding time and exercise for him and Gwendolyn is the horse I ride to improve my riding and for shows.  My herd! 👍  Right after my last post I talked to Chloe about possibly doing a small show jumping horse show.  I think in my head I was thinking Spring but it turns out there was a 1 day Eventing show 3 weeks away, November 16th and it was ok to only do 1 or 2 of the 3 phases.  They include Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country (XC).  Of course, I wasn’t going to do the XC, I am too old for that business!  I should avoid things that require a safety vest.  Well, after accidentally watching a youtube video of the elementary level XC I noticed that the jumps were the same height as the show jumping jumps.  They were just out in the middle of a huge open field instead of a show jumping stadium.  There was also water to go through.  After another consultation with Chloe, I bought a safety vest and competed all 3 phases in my 1st Eventing Show.  Before the show, the most jumps I went over at one pass through were 5 and that was a few days before the show.  At the show I jumped 16 between the show jumping and XC.  My thighs hurt and I felt like I was in a car accident.  Didn’t expect that but I recovered quickly!  It was soooo much fun!  I even managed to get a 2nd or 3rd place ribbon in my class depending on how another rider finished (there weren’t very many people), in spite of Gwendolyn seeming to just want to gallop through the Dressage part to get to the fun stuff!  Dressage didn’t go as well as at our Dressage show in September. J The last rider had awhile before they were going so we left before the final calculation.  Chloe will find out and get my ribbon next time she goes to Copper Meadows.  I’m hoping to try something with Arrow in the spring.  He may be more suited for the jumping (elementary level) rather than dressage.  Chloe will help me decide.  I cannot commit to too much as all of this does cost money and I have had to cut down my lessons.  If it is meant to be, it will happen.  I just cannot justify being unemployed and increasing my horse expenses.  Arrow’s shoes still cost $185 every 6 weeks and he needs shoes.  The walls of his hooves are too thin to go barefoot.  I also stopped his magnesium supplements.  I didn’t notice any improvement as far as his behavior.  They were $100/month and it seemed like a waste.

I decided that if my financial situation doesn’t change soon I will stop my Blog for awhile.  Not sure if it has been helpful to anyone but if it helped just 1 it was worth it!  I also have a documentation of this amazing journey which started at a horse race at Del Mar just over 3 years ago!! I still remember the feeling I had as I dropped my 1st adoption application in the mail.  I was so overwhelmed by all of the questions.  I didn’t think I would get approved.  My life changed the day I adopted Lake.  As of now I can’t imagine it without a Horse.  I do know if I ever have my horse on my property it will definitely turn into ‘horses’.  I won’t leave Arrow friendless! 

I have one last holiday request for retailers.  Please get more horse ornaments!  Such a slim selection!  Bay preferably. 😉