Oct. 25, 2017

What a Month!

This has definitely been a busy, stressful and sad month.  Like they say, when it rains it pours.  My Dad lost his battle with Parkinson’s at the beginning of the month.  He is in a better place and out of pain but I miss him dearly. 😥💔  I wish I could have shown him the video of my ride from the horse show.  I told him about it but I’m not sure if he fully understood.  He was always very supportive of everything I did and was happy for me when I finally realized my dream of having a horse.  I’m glad he was able to meet Lake and Arrow.  He always asked if I had any new pictures of Arrow to show him.  Of course I did!

To add to that, I lost my job a week before my Dad died.  The positive there was that I was able to spend more time with him.  My company had to downsize to 1 manager on the West Coast and my counterpart was more flexible with her travel so I was the one to get downsized.  It is a little scary when you have a horse to support that averages about $1000/month in expenses but be assured, Arrow is not going anywhere.  I may have to negotiate some work at Kingsway in exchange for board but bartering is what horse ownership is all about! 👍  Oh well, everything happens for a reason so I do believe that losing my job is opening the door for something better!  Maybe I can even find something to do that involves horses just not sure what that would be.  I must say that my digestive issues have lessened quite a bit.  That tells me how stressful my job really was to me.  Now I’m just trying to find some normalcy as my life completely changed in a matter of a few days.  I worked at DFS for 17 years so this life is strange to me. 🤔

I do need to schedule a chiropractic appointment for Arrow to see if he has physically improved (his back) since starting magnesium.  His behavior when being ridden has not really changed at all.  In fact, he reared up on me like we were filming an episode of the Lone Ranger and he thought we were doing the ‘High Ho Silver’ part.  Thankfully Chloe has been working with me on taking control of him when he becomes defiant so I reacted quickly.  As soon as his front hooves hit the ground I pulled on the left rein and immediately turned him in small circles until he came to a stop.  While it completely surprised me and Chloe she said I did a great job riding through it!  Events like that are never welcomed but they do help to build confidence in the saddle.  If that would have happened 6 months ago I would have been on the ground for sure.  Riding Gwendolyn also helped my balance and most likely kept me from an unplanned dismount.  I’m hoping to do another show with her in the future but my reduction in income will prevent me from taking too many lessons for awhile.  For now I will spend more needed time doing ground work with Arrow.  The majority of my riding with him will be during lessons with Chloe.  He really needs an experienced rider at this point and an experienced rider to help me bring him along.  I have confidence that Chloe will help to develop him to the horse he has potential of being. 😀  I did take him out on his 1st trail ride with more than 2 other horses.  He did very well!  It wasn’t long or very far away from the farm but that was fine as I don’t want to push him past what him or I can handle!  It’s going to be baby steps with Arrow.  The picture is our trail ride group.  This was my last trail ride with Vanessa and Banjo.😥  Banjo leaves for Iowa tomorrow and his mama Vanessa and her husband leave at the beginning of November.  A fabulous couple with a fabulous horse!  They will be missed.  We had a wonderful going away get together with them!  The pic from left to right is Arrow and I, Vanessa and Banjo, Kim and Scooby, Karen and Ostara (spelling?) and Patricia and Ginger.  Arrow has a little crush on Ginger. 🤭

I have also been riding another horse for Brenda.  She is at my barn and just had surgery.  She was riding this precious horse named Dutchess for her owner to help keep her in shape so I took over while she is recovering.  Fun horse to ride!  She is a hunt horse and is in her mid 20’s.  We bonded over carrots and hoof maintenance. ❤  I have been able to canter her around the gallop track.  Lake is the last horse I did that with.  More confidence building!  I’m always honored when someone will allow me to ride their horse.  It is totally different than getting on a rental horse that is for sure!

Arrow is about to experience a big change.  He has been living with Slim Shady in the cross country field at Kingsway for a few months now.  Debra returns with Perazzi on Friday and that was where he lived.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will become fast friends or at least stay out of each other’s way.  I hope that Arrow doesn’t act like a big Jerk!  I’m ok with Perazzi putting him in his place if he needs too.  I just hope I don’t have to move him.  He has really thrived physically while being there.  He looks about the best he ever has since bringing him to Kingsway.  I’ll update this new adventure for him in my next post. 💋