Sep. 19, 2017

Magnesium Deficiency??

There may be a good chance Arrow has a Magnesium deficiency.  It has been a long process of trying to figure him out.  He has been treated for ulcers, his saddle has been fit to him, he was put back in a pasture 24/7 and while he looks amazing, there are still obvious signs of discomfort.  Arrow’s vet who specializes in Chiropractic said he has filled out in all of the right places and his coat looked really good.  He is weighing in at about 1300lbs.  Before his treatment a few weeks ago, she palpitated down his back and it looked like there were worms under his skin.  That is one of the signs of a magnesium deficiency.  I also told her about his training issues with Chloe and things I have noticed too.  He has almost every symptom which includes problems focusing when training, shuts down and starts rearing after about 30 minutes sometimes sooner, muscle spasms, hypersensitivity and nervousness.  Jessica said the best way to describe him is that he is uncomfortable in his own skin.  She wanted me to try a magnesium supplement for 1 month.  If this is the problem, many of his issues will go away and we should notice a difference within 3 weeks.  We just finished up week 1.  I am hopeful for a positive update in my next blog.

Arrow also got a new pair of shoes and had a new treatment using a PEMF P3 machine.  The purpose for Arrow was to treat his soreness and stiffness using a pulsed electromagnetic field.  It does a lot so I suggest checking it out on Youtube if anyone would like to know more.  I wasn’t there but Chloe said Row really liked it after he realized how it felt and that the machine probably wasn’t going to kill him!! 🤔 Arrow is always skeptical when new things are introduced to him.  Acupuncture has been suggested but when I mentioned it to my vet (1 of 3 equine vets I have) she said with his sensitivity, it could ruin him to accepting shots very well.  That was removed from his calendar.  He will continue to get his massages from Debra when she returns from Washington where she goes home to her ranch for a few months during the summer.  Her horse Perazzi will be Arrow’s new pasture mate.  I hope they get along or Arrow may have to move.  Perazzi was there first. Fingers crossed.  It didn’t take long for him and Slim to accept each other.  Sometimes though, Arrow does need to be put in his place! 

I competed in my very 1st horse show last weekend.  The pic is of Gwendolyn and I and Alyce and Carrera.  She is who I was doing group lessons with and suggested this whole thing to me.  My bow was a little too high so that is why my helmet is a little funny.  Luckily I could still see!  It was a small schooling show but to me it felt like the Olympics.  I was so nervous but my amazing partner Gwen helped me pull off 2 2nd place ribbons!  I expected to be dead last and was fine with that so when I received my ribbons I was very pleasantly surprised! 😮  What I didn’t expect was how emotional I was after I finished my big test.  I actually started crying after I did my final salute. I felt like the competitor who needs to have the best performance of their life to make it to the medal stand.  When we finished I knew we had the best run through ever!  Gwendolyn knew exactly what she needed to do and did it.  It has been a long time since she last competed.  She still has it!  Love her!!!! ❤ Alyce got 2 1st and 1 4th! I have set a goal to do this same show with Arrow next year.  I think we can pull this off.  Maybe I’ll bring both Arrow and Gwen. 🙂

It has been a few weeks since I have ridden Arrow so my next lesson and next weekend is devoted to him.  We have to get this next adventure started! It has been even longer since I have done an actual lesson on him. 😥 

Oh, I had mentioned Banjo in my last post.  I was very sad to find out they will be moving to Iowa in a few months.  Vanessa’s husband’s job brings them there.  They are excited for the change of seasons.  I do miss that being from Minnesota.  Arrow and I will definitely get in some good trail rides with them before they leave.  They will be greatly missed! 😥