Aug. 22, 2017

Another Trail Buddy!

For the first time for me, Arrow rode shoulder to shoulder during a trail ride.  Banjo is a new horse to Kingsway and his mama is Vanessa.  Super sweet!  The pic is of the 4 of us.  Arrow prefers to bring up the rear.  He also pins his ears when other horses get too close.  He never did that with Banjo.  In fact, he was fine with Banjo being around him from the moment they were introduced.  While they were tied up next to each other while we were tacking them up they even rubbed their muzzles.  A photo op missed. 😥  It was nice talking to someone while riding without having to yell up to them.  We are starting to get more people at Kingsway like me who are newer horse owners that like to come out and trail ride around the property.  If I could get my butt up earlier in the morning I could do more trail riding with larger groups of horses.  I think this would be beneficial for him.  Right now everyone tries to get done riding before 11am because of the heat.  So looking forward to fall!

Arrow continues to progress.  Chloe has jumped him over several different jumps in the cross country field and has even jumped him into and out of water.  I have found that when I ride him I am more confident through his little tantrums.  In the past I would have stopped riding and called it a day.  Now that I have been riding Gwendolyn consistently I feel more comfortable waiting him out.  I know him and I have a long way to go but I’m extremely hopeful that we will be going on trail rides together for many years!

My horse expenses have increased over the past few months.  My training costs have gone up as I am leasing a horse and have increased my lessons.  Arrow had his teeth floated and sheath cleaned ($320) and new shoes ($185) so June and July well exceeded $1000 each month. (Sigh)

This leads to why I am trying to get in as many lessons as my time will allow.  I am doing a horse show in September.  I didn’t even know what horse shows were when I first came to Kingsway.  I honestly thought they were like dog shows.  I know Lake could have done it.  Arrow?  We will have to wait and see.  That may be a stretch but I ma not counting him out.  Gwendolyn and I will be doing a Dressage horse show.  Dressage is where the rider and horse perform prescribed movements.  The idea is the rider needs very little aids and both horse and rider look relaxed.  If you youtube Dressage test training level 1 it will show you exactly what I am doing. I’m excited but nervous.  There are several of us who are going to do it so we are now representing a barn!  It was just a few years ago I said I only ride western and will only do trail riding with my horse.  This is what happens when your trainer is a 3 star Eventer! 🤪

As a side note, my 15 year old daughter Tyler feels she needs followers and wanted me to plug her instagram (ty_linsey) and snapchat (ttt.yyyyy) accounts.  Not sure what you will find. 😀