Jul. 12, 2017

My Beautiful Lake

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of losing Lake. 💔 I still think of her all of the time.  I continue to follow some of the rescues and really encourage everyone to take a moment to check out their web sites and perhaps donate or follow them on rescue days and share.  It’s really eye opening.  Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue (Lake’s rescue), HiCaliber Horse Rescue (Arrow’s rescue), Saving Baby Equine Charity and Forgotten Horses Rescue are a few.  Yesterday, HiCaliber was able to rescue 9 of 20 at risk of going to slaughter.  There is a new Kill Buyer in the area from Texas so they had an additional KB to bid against in addition to one they have accurately nicknamed as Voldemort.👎  I wonder what these people put on an application that asks for Occupation.  I’m sure Kill Buyer isn’t it.  I would love to be able to have a small rescue (2 to 3 horses) to be able to get them healthy and adoptable but I would need to raise funds for that and I am a horrible at fundraising.  The rescues are usually acquired for less than $400 but the after care can easily reach a few thousand and that is just the initial vet exam depending on what they need.  Maybe I’ll figure something out.  I’m not closing that door!

As for my precious Arrow, he is doing better and better!  Up until a few weeks ago, he was going back into his pen at night.  Now he is back to living a 24/7 pasture life with his new roommate Slim Shady.  Slim is Chloe’s horse.  What is interesting to me is that when I go to visit him he is sometimes hanging out with Flirtini (the Mares are in the pasture right next to him) and she was Lake’s friend.  I think it is sweet.😋  Arrow has been having good lessons with Chloe and I rode rode him last week around Kingsway and in the arena.  We rode very nicely for about 30 minutes before he started to get a little protesty. (I think protesty is just my word).  As of right now we label him the 30 minute horse.  We don’t push Arrow.  There are horses that can be encouraged to keep on working but Arrow really cannot be ‘pushed’. I LOVE that Chloe accepts this as the way he is, recognizes his limits and keeps his lessons short and sweet.  He obviously went through some trauma before his rescue.  Patience goes a long way with Row! I think this will actually bring him along faster than if he was stressed at every lesson.  I don’t want to set him back.  In fact, he even gallops up to her in the pasture when she goes to get him for a lesson.  She told me about it and he did it for me last week.  He even came to a sliding stop by me!  Talk about a heart warming moment!!  My 1300 lb dog.😀 

Oh my Gosh!  I can’t forget this!  Did you know horses can scratch their ears with their hind legs?  I did not.  I had never heard of this and in the 2 ½ years at Kingsway with all of those horses have never seen it.  I managed to see it the other day with no other than Arrow.  He spread his front legs out, dropped his head to the right and scratched his right ear twice with his right hind leg.  Another excellent video op missed! 

I decided I’m going to do all I can to put myself in a body cast so I jumped Gwendolyn the other day over 2 consecutive jumps even ending the jump with a canter.  It really is exhilarating! When I would watch show jumping I would think ‘these people are crazy’ and here I am putting myself in the middle of crazy!🤪  Anyone who really knows me is probably thinking I was already there!!  I’ve even talked to Chloe about the possibility of doing a local show in September and she thinks it is doable. Dressage not jumping.:-)  All of this is building towards the riding future of Arrow and I which I see as bright now.  Hoping the weather gets cooler so I can ride more.  Triple digits and riding do not mix well! I’ll put a pic of me jumping Gwendolyn in the picture section.  This week’s pic is for my girl. It's my husband giving her a kiss. 💋The racehorse that changed mine and my family's lives forever!❤❤❤