Jun. 20, 2017

Positive Progess!

It makes me sad when I go so far in between my posts.  I feel like I forget things and part of the reason I do this is to help me remember this fabulous time!  Right now it is 100 degrees out and is supposed to be hotter tomorrow so I can say for sure there will be no riding happening this week. 😠 

Arrow has made a significant improvement in the last month!  Chloe has been taking it slow with him and never pushes him too far.  She has been walking and trotting him lightly even taking him over some small hills to help build his muscles.  For the most part he has been a really good horse with no rearing.  I rode him bareback a few weeks ago in the round pen.  It was very relaxing and all we did was walk.  Last week I actually rode him on a short trail ride and we also did a hill.  We were with Chloe and her ride Gossip Girl. He was a good boy the whole time and seemed to enjoy it.👍  I was in Heaven! Gossip girl had a spook at the shadows from the Palm trees and even kicked out at Arrow when we got too close and he handled it all like a pro.  Thankfully, as I was on his back during this time. 🤪 

In between the time we put him back out and I rode him with Chloe, I had a few lessons on different things I could do with him as far as groundwork goes.  I lunged him over poles, through water and up and down small embankments and he picked up on it really fast.  I don’t think he would have done as well had I tried this before I last posted.  It was amazing and I was surprised I was able to do it. The picture came from a video that was taken by Chloe when I lunged him up an embankment.  I’m so excited by all of this!  I put a few other pics from lunging, me kissing him in the middle of water after bravely trotting through it and him saddled for our 1st ride together in FOREVER in the picture section of the blog.  I really like to do ground work with him and I know it is extremely important when building a relationship with him.  Ground work is essential with any horse in training.

I’m still taking lessons on Gwendolyn and that has been a lot of fun too!  I’m feeling much more confident in my riding and soon will be doing small jumps.  I’ve been doing poles and cantering now.  I have never been able to canter on Arrow.  Some day!  Hopefully I will get to do a few more trail rides on Arrow over the next few weeks and also plan on more ground work. Fingers crossed that things keep moving forward.  I’m going to wait a little while longer before I have Dr. Huth out for a re-check and also plan on scheduling another chiropractic appointment soon.  Arrow’s progress has made my heart happy!!❤