May. 16, 2017

Arrow is a Happy Horse!

1st of all Happy Mother’s Day to all of those fabulous mothers out there!  Including birthmothers who give so much by trying to give their children a better life than they felt they could provide and giving a family a chance to have a child they thought they would never have!  I could do a blog on that alone. 🙂 

I have not ridden Arrow nor has Chloe since his last Vet visit.  She has been doing ground work with him.  I am continuing lessons on Gwendolyn and Sophie.  I rode Sophie my last lesson for the 1st time and she is a sweetie like Gwendolyn.  Sophie does not like working as much as Gwen so she makes me work which is good.  I’m learning to do things like halt transitions and leg yields which I had never heard of.  An example of a halt transition is trotting your horse and then having them come to a complete stop in a few steps with both back legs in line.  One cannot be ahead of the other.  I did it on Gwendolyn but was not able to do it on Sophie.  Yet!  Leg yields are where you are moving forward and to the side at the same time.  The horse moves to the left or right based on the cue from your leg.  I also was able to do this.  Not all of the time but it was very exciting when I did!  Maybe a horse show is possible.  Of course, being out of town for work like I am at the moment does cut into my lesson time. 😠  The summer is quickly coming upon us!  The lessons have been VERY therapeutic for me.  I am able to focus on how I am riding without the worry that my horse is going to have a blow up.  I go home with a smile on my face instead of the look of defeat.  I gotta get ready for my Boy! 

The picture is of Arrow very shortly after being released into a pasture for the 1st time in months.  He was galloping and did a small leap.  I got the pic from the video.  I’m hoping I get that posted ok in the Video section. It’s a gem!  Not sure how it will look to people viewing it on their own devices.  I was starting to think about when Arrow really started to change as far as his behavior during riding.  I put Arrow in the 50’x30’ pen because he was on supplements for his digestion.  I thought that was all his issues were.  Before, he was in a super large dry lot where he was moving and grazing on the scraps most of the day.  In his pen he stood next to his neighbors and his head was hardly stretched down to graze ever.  Only when his hay was dropped twice a day.  I asked Chloe if he could be put back in the pasture to be able to get that movement and stretching back.  I was feeling like the change made him worse and tightened him up.  When I put him out for the 1st time last week his reaction was priceless!  He was prancing around like a little kid and he galloped all over the place.🤪  It took my breath away and I cried a little.  I cry at everything though.  It doesn’t matter if it’s happy or sad. It feels like a disorder!  My friend Mary gave me the book ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ to read quite awhile ago.  I still have not started it because I know my limits.  I need to get that done as now the movie is out.  It will require lots of Kleenex!  Anyway, he is in the pasture during the day and in his pen at night.  This way I can continue to give him psyllium to keep the sand out of his gut and he can visit with his friends.  Especially Dylan.  That is his buddy.  I need to get a picture of him to put in my picture section.  If I’m not mistaken I believe he is a retired racehorse and in his late 20’s 

I’m hoping to schedule Arrow’s follow up Vet appt for his last visit soon.  I wanted to give him a few weeks with his new pasture life to see if that makes a difference.  He is still very sensitive in his Topline especially at his withers.  I am ruling out saddle fit now as he hasn’t been ridden in awhile.  This is still an investigation in progress.  I am determined to find out what exactly is going on with him.  I want to know for sure that when he is ridden, it is not doing him harm.  Arrow’s well being comes 1st

I am going to continue to do lessons with Alyce.  We are trying to make Wednesday afternoon a set lesson day and then on the weekend if it works out.  I really enjoy taking lessons with her.  She is the one who inspired me to possibly try a small horse show.  Hopefully I will have a few more answers about Arrow by my next post!