Apr. 29, 2017

It's Arrow's Birthday!

It was actually Arrow’s 10th birthday yesterday on the 28th but I didn’t have his birthday hat yet and I wanted to post his birthday post with his picture.  He did well with the hat until I went to take it off.  It fell to the side and he had a panic and reared up in the wash rack.  Luckily he settled down quickly and didn’t rear very high.  That could have been a disaster!  On his birthday he had chiropractic and German muffins! 🤪  He loves his chiro days!❤  I’ll talk more about that in little bit.  Need to talk about his progress to that point.

I did ride Arrow bareback after my last post.  It was fine until I put my leg on him to go into the trot.  He reared up and pranced around.  I walked again and he was fine.  I then tried to trot again and had the same reaction.  I knew at this time I needed to get off.  I let Chloe know what was going on so she rode him the next day and he did the same when she put her leg on him to go into the trot.  And yes, it happened with Amber. 👎  Dr. Huth came out for a re-check on Arrow and while his left Stifle was better he was now lame in the right front.  That could be a result of being better on the left hind.  That may go away.  He was put on muscle relaxers for 10 days.  Towards the end of the 10 days he had his chiropractic adjustment.  The vet said the best way to describe him that day was as a crooked horse.😮  He needed quite a bit done in his neck, ribs, lumbar and other areas I’m forgetting.  I don’t have the report yet so this is from memory.  He is very sensitive in his top line and she saw lameness in his right hind.  After much discussion and recommendations I believe I am going to retire him to light trail riding.  Mostly walking with some trotting if he is up to it.  His chiropractor recommended that I do a lot of ground work with Arrow to build our relationship so he knows that there is no pressure and he is not expected to perform when ridden.  He is good at the walk but there is always anxiety with him even before he is ridden because he knows at some point there may be pain.  I need to basically go back to the beginning and build this trusting relationship with him.  I will only ride him in the round pen for a few weeks at least while Chloe works with him in the arena.  Arrow will be having another re-check sometime in the next 2 weeks so I will set up a plan with Dr. Huth 

In the meantime I am starting riding lessons again and have had 2 fabulous lessons on Gwendolyn.  I am going to use a pic with her in my next post.  I love riding her!  I was even able to canter on her with my new saddle and was very excited at how comfortable I was!  When I was riding on Arrow, I was so tense I thought the saddle might not be a good fit.  I felt off balance.  I don’t have that feeling at all when I ride in it while on Gwendolyn and Chloe noticed that I ride better in it on her than on Arrow. These lessons have been extremely helpful in my riding confidence!👍  This needs to be at a good level if I ever want to get anywhere with Arrow.  He needs to know that I am confident to be confident himself.  Oh, there was even talk about me doing a small show or two this summer on Gwendolyn.  Still on the fence about that but will see how things go over the next month.  Can you imagine me doing a horse show! 😋 Yikes! 

I have finally gained control over Arrow’s leg fungus.  I honestly didn’t realize how serious it was.  He pees on his legs and the fungus can cause lameness.  I was washing it but not enough to ever get it completely gone.  When Dr. Huth saw him last he said I needed to get rid of that.  I worked on him for 12 days straight bathing the affected areas with Fungus Amungus and spraying on Vectricyn if I didn’t have time to bring him up to the wash racks.  It is gone but can come back very quickly so I just need to stay on top of it.  He did get some in his armpits but I got that too.  It’s never ending. 

Hopefully I will have gotten to ride Arrow a little by my next post.  He is my project but we have a long time together so I am going to take my journey with him slowly and enjoy every moment!💋