Mar. 15, 2017

Arrow's 1st Group Lesson

Arrow certainly does keep us on our toes!  A few weeks ago he decided that a scary glass bottle thrown into the recycle can while he was walking on the walker was more than he could take.  He broke free and decided he was going to run as far away as possible.  I was not there for this little adventure but it resulted in Chloe and Terry chasing him down and a broken halter.  The fabulous hybrid one I had bought for him.  Arrrgggg!!! 😠  Then he got into a tussle with his neighbor Dylan and kicked the top rail of his pen out.  Luckily it was easy to fix!  He also managed to step on himself while getting his new shoes the other day and got a nice little cut on his leg.  He was lucky.  It was not very bad and didn’t affect the way he walks or prevent him from being ridden.  I swear it is always something!

My latest products I had to invest in were ‘It’s A Fungus Amungus’ antifungal shampoo and ‘That Blue Stuff’ antifungal lotion.  Together they were $40.  My tack trunk is starting to look like a vet supply store.  I learned that some horses can develop a fungus in their armpits from lying down.  Who knew?  I discovered this lovely fungus under his left armpit (at the time it was not known to me what it was) while grooming him.  I’m sure I managed to touch my hair and face multiple times after touching it. Gross!  I text Chloe about it and she gave me the fungus news after looking at him.  I had tried Bannix for 4 days in a row, spraying it on twice a day with little result.  I went to the vet supply store and they recommended the fungus amungus.  It went away in 2 days!  Love the stuff!

The pretty horse next to Arrow and I is Carrera.  Her Mom Alyce is riding her.  We did a group lesson and plan on doing them as often as possible.  She was Arrow’s neighbor so I thought he would be a good boy.  This was his 1st group lesson and I discovered that he is the class clown and doesn’t really play nicely now.  Carrera was such a sweet princess and did her part of the lesson well. 👍  Arrow spent much of his time pinning his ears when she dared to get too close to her.  He also was not paying attention to me and threw little fits here and there. He was more interested in the soccer games going on across the street and the ‘food (hay) truck off in the distance.  It was getting close to dinner and he knew it.  If I was a better rider I would have been able to control him better.  In time!  Daylight Savings time was last week so I should be able to get riding time in after work.  Not a lot but Chloe said any amount of time would be good.  The crappy part about it is that he needs to be warmed up for 30 minutes (his back issues) before he is ridden.  That is a big chunk of time when you only have an hour. 😥  I look forward to the day I don’t need to do that anymore! We are supposed to have another group lesson with Carrera this weekend and I look forward to that.  I am going to have to be a little creative as I got into an altercation with a butcher knife and my knuckle on my right hand middle finger ended up being the victim.  I probably should have gone for a few stitches but I still had surgical tape from my last surgery so I fixed it myself.  The bad part is that I cannot bend it or the cut reopens so I need a splint.  It is very difficult to write, typing this hurts and I keep turning my wipers and turn signals on while driving.  Holding reins on a horse may be slightly challenging.  We will see!!  Happy St. Patty’s Day!!  I just realized I don’t have anything green for Row Row to wear.  I might need to do something about that!!