Dec. 26, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Yikes!  I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last posted in my blog.  My Dad’s declining health and work has kept me busy.  My Dad has to move into a long term care facility as he can no longer care for himself and needs someone of a medical capacity to help with his care.  Thank goodness my brother was able to fly out from Minnesota to help!

Since my last post, Arrow and I did our longest trail ride with Flirty and her Mom Sue.  She took me to the highest point of the hills I have been on yet.  Going down was a little nerve racking and Arrow did break into a trot for a short time that frightened me some but we made it!👍  My new saddle was super comfy and I absolutely love it!  As far as riding during the month of December, that was very little.  I just had vacation for work too and every time I scheduled a lesson or planned on riding it rained.  It is already dark by the time I finish work so that leaves the weekends. I’m hoping for a lesson this Friday.  I haven’t ridden since Arrow had his teeth done so I want to see how he is.  I had an actual equine dentist look at his teeth as suggested by Amber.  He was pulling a lot at the bit when she wasn’t really doing anything.  Turns out his teeth needed some serious attention in the back.  Chloe said he is much better when riding.  I hope he wasn’t in discomfort for too long.  I just had his teeth floated in August but have found that floating teeth is just not enough.  I highly recommend having an actual equine dentist look at the teeth.  I think it will save a possible large $$$ expense if there is anything out of the ordinary going on.

Arrow is also putting weight back on.  I’m sure treating him for a gut full of sand had a lot to do with it.  His eating routine now consists of Alfalfa and Bermuda grass twice a day, 4 cups of strategy once a day given with his smartpak supplements to keep a healthy gut, psyllium 1 week every month to help with the sand and a slow feed hay bag filled with bermuda so he always has hay available.  The hay bag not only helps to prevent ulcers but it also helps to keep him warm on chilly nights.  I only had to blanket him once so far this year and that was because it was pouring all night and the temperatures were down into the 30’s.  If it wasn’t raining I probably wouldn’t have but rain and cold can make for a miserable horse. 😥

I’m planning on having the chiropractor back out to do a re-check on Arrows back where he was saddle sore.  He is also going to have his saddle fitted especially for him soon.  My exciting new purchases this month was a rack that helps to fill the hay bag.  The bag sort of looks like a basketball net and the bag goes onto the rack like the b-ball net goes on the hoop.  You can just toss the hay in rather than fight to keep the net open to load in the flakes.  I also got a hay bale bag that holds 1 bale of hay.  Of course, it came after the heavy rains when I really could have used it as it is water proof, but it makes it so much easier to move the bale around.  I was bummed because I had ordered one with peace symbols on it, but it was discontinued and they cancelled my order.  I have a standard black one now.  Still happy to have it!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and have a very Happy New Year!  I’m hoping to spend my New Year’s Day riding my Row Row! 🤩  The picture is our Christmas card this year.  Thanks to Amber for taking it!  You really need to look closely at my finger to see our little Parrot. 😉  Happy Holidays from the Grecos! Jade, Joe, Troy, Gayanne, Arrow and Tyler.