Nov. 24, 2016

My new STEAL!!!!!!

I am super exited!!! I fulfilled my 1st priority for Arrow and that was to get a properly fitting saddle and I did!  I got it from Debra (whom I have mentioned many times in my blog) as it turned out she was selling when I was needing to buy.  It was a $4400 saddle only used for 2 months for sale for $2000.  She had put it on Facebook right when I was told I need a better saddle.  Amazing deal but I was still going Yikes!  $2000K!!!  My Western and English together cost $600.  You get what you pay for.  My western will be used when someone wants to trail ride with me and I lease a horse.  At least it isn’t going to waste.  My new saddle is super comfy and I feel very secure in it.  It is a Revere Dressage saddle.  The deep seat was the most important feature I wanted since I am not showing horses.  Mine will be used more for trail riding.  I have already had a few lessons in it and I love it so far!  There were additional costs though.  I got Dressage saddle pads, leathers, irons and a total fit girth.  It was about $300 more so my total is about $2300 for my new saddle.  It should last me forever.  Thank God!👍 

Happy Thanksgiving!  I spent the morning taking a much needed lesson on Arrow.  Can’t believe Chloe does lessons on Thanksgiving!  He was a little distracted today but we did have a good lesson anyway.  No better way to start Turkey Day morning! 🤪  Did find out that Arrow had escaped his pen sometime before morning.  Turns out he is a little escape artist.😋  I or someone who may have gone in his pen probably didn’t secure the gate very well. He stayed close by and was easy to catch for Terry so there was no drama there.

Overall Arrow seems to be improving every day.  He has put on some weight and his coat is getting healthier.  I think the change in his diet and 4 shoes had the greatest contribution, especially the slow hay feeder.  He needs to graze.  I’m taking the day off from work tomorrow so I definitely will be riding Arrow.  This isn’t a lesson.  We are just going to take a nice leisurely stroll around Kingsway.  I wish I could ride him more as we would improve together at a faster rate.  We would be able to ride away from the farm too.  Not ready to do that alone with him yet.  His tail continues to grow too.  It has grown about 6 inches since we brought him home.   Crossing my fingers for riding Saturday too! 🙂❤