Nov. 2, 2016

Arrow has Chiropratic!

I did something at my lessons recently that I have never done on Arrow.  At one lesson, I rode him with the reins dropped and I had my arms by my side.  We even did this at the trot.  At the next lesson I rode him bareback.  I had only ridden a horse bareback one other time and that was my friend Mary’s horse when I was about 14.  I could not believe that I could actually trot over poles by the end of the lesson.  The purpose of this was to work on my balance which has not been that great. 😠  When I rode him bareback I was a little nervous as it was not in the small round pen like I had imagined but down in the big arena where I rode him to before our lesson.  I have to admit I was skeptical at 1st but we made it through and had a really good lesson!  I may try to post it in my videos so be sure to check.

Poor Arrow had to learn through trial and error that he definitely has to have 4 shoes and cannot be a barefoot horse. Thoroughbreds tend to have thinner walls on their hooves.   The surface of the pen he lives in irritated his frog (the part that absorbs the shock of the step of the horse and supplies blood to the leg) leaving him sore after his last trim.   Unless I put him out in a nice cushy green pasture and don’t ride him, he will always need shoes.  I did however; learn how to pack a horse’s hoof with Magic Cushion and wrap it using a puppy potty pad, a bandage and gorilla tape to help ease his pain!  He was a much happier horse when he got his new shoes shortly after!  We gave barefoot a try. 

I’m not sure if Arrow had Chiropractic before but he absolutely LOVED it!!  This horse would chase down a treat the size of a skittle and he didn’t move afterwards even as I was hanging a bag of hay from his fence.  He stood in the shade super relaxed! I used a vet recommended by Chloe who uses her for CSI’s chiropractic work.  She was awesome!  The picture is of him in the middle of his adjustment.  The bad part was that she tests for sand in the gut free of charge and found him to have “enough to build a sandcastle”.  UGH! 🤒  What does this mean?  It means that I probably wasted $1500 treating ulcers that will not go away until the sand is gone.  It most likely helped but did not cure.  He has also lost enough weight for his diet to be completely changed to accommodate his way of eating.  Arrow went from being on Bermuda grass to being on a mixture of Bermuda grass and Alfalfa hay.  He now eats his hay out of a big metal tub to help keep the sand out and has a hay bag that hangs on his fence that is kept full 24/7 to help keep his digestive juices flowing.  He is also on Strategy which is given to him in pellet form to help gain weight.  He gets it with his SmartPak ultra and for 7 days a week every month a few scoops of Psyllium to help get rid of the sand.  My low maintenance horse is quickly becoming high maintenance.  Fits right in with my other family members with various hooves, paws, talons and feet!😋  The vet found him to be very saddle sore too which means I can no longer wait to get a good fitting saddle for him.  Chloe is going to have me try out several styles and then I will get one and have someone come out to have it fitted for him.  She said the saddle fit and sand were my big priorities right now to get him into top shape and feeling better.  Is horse ownership worth all of this?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!💋❤