Oct. 12, 2016

Chloe's back and other things.....

It’s been 2 ½ months since Chloe’s accident and she has finally been cleared to ride!  She will be starting out slowly easing back into things.  I have been very fortunate in that Arrow’s training and my riding lessons were turned over to the very capable hands of Amber and I’m sure she will continue with his training until Chloe is 100%.  The picture is of Amber on Arrow before one of their training sessions.  She has been amazing!  I am so blessed to have the quality of training I have when my goal is really do nothing more than trail ride.  Chloe and Amber treat Arrow as if he were theirs and really look out for his well being.  It takes a village and Kingsway has been my village.  Here is a good example of how my village works.  I had a riding lesson with Amber the other day and she said she was concerned that Arrow has lost some weight since he left the pasture he was in.  She was thinking that maybe he was getting Alfalfa in the pasture and when he moved ended up on Bermuda grass only.  She talked to Chloe about it and they agreed he should start getting Alfalfa too.  Today I talked to Terry about it and Arrow is going to be started on a mixture of Alfalfa and Bermuda tomorrow.  Alfalfa is also good for horses that are susceptible to ulcers.  Too much Alfalfa can be bad  (makes some horses act a little crazy) so it is good to have the combination.  I may have eventually figured this out without my village but who knows how much weight he would have lost before that.  Examples like this are common.  I do need to get a picture to include of Donna who is also a very important part of my village.  I have mentioned her but for those of you who do not know, she is Chloe’s Mom.  She assists Chloe 2 days a week and Arrow is part of her care too.  She is awesome with him and very helpful whenever I have questions!!  Love my Kingsway Village!

I pretty much know I am going to have a horse in my life for quite awhile so am now looking at a saddle.  What????? Don’t you have 2 already??? Yes I do but I got them both used and needed to make changes so they are just pieced together.  I got my western saddle because it was 19 lbs and squishy and only $350.  I got my English saddle because I wanted to learn English.  That was my only reason. Probably could have waited a few years and just taken lessons in one of Chloe’s saddles.  I spent $350 for a saddle that is not very comfortable for me and could fit Arrow a little better.  I feel the same with my western saddle.  Both were bought when I had Lake and Arrow is much larger.  I found a hybrid saddle that is the combination of the English/Western saddles.  I will be doing a little jumping with Arrow and you really can’t and shouldn’t jump with a western saddle.  It is $1400 so I will be saving but do think it will be an investment extremely worthwhile!  They make sure the saddle fits your horse as it should.  It looks super comfy and it is lightweight too which I want for Arrow.  Can’t wait to be able to get it! 🤪 

Once again, work and life in general have left me little time with my Row Row.   If I had the time I would ride him every day but can barely squeeze in 1 day a week.  Retirement or a job that was a little more conducive to my life can not come soon enough!!  Have a lesson on my boy tomorrow!! Yayyyyy! I think Chloe is going to have us do small jumps in her jump saddle…….Whoa!🙃