Sep. 22, 2016

Continuing to learn....

I am very fortunate in my lessons to be able to ride different horses and didn’t realize that until after I lost Lake.  I also did not realize the importance of riding different horses.  It’s kind of like cars. If you have been driving around in a Camry most of your life and all of a sudden take a Ferrari for a spin you may have a little difficulty. Totally different ride.  Then you switch to a dump truck and again find yourself having to adjust to different heights, speeds, personalities etc…. Lake was my Camry.  Dependable, smooth and fun to canter on.💋  I think she may have spooked twice on me and we were standing still and didn’t move very far.  Arrow is my cross between a Mack truck and a Ferrari.🤪  He definitely seems faster which has a lot to do with his big stride and his size compared to Lake but that awkward bumpy dump truck feeling comes out when trying to get there resulting in me falling out of the truck 3 times.  The big boy pictured is Max.  He is 17’2!  I had a lesson on him last Friday with the goal for me to Canter on him so I can get what that feels like on a larger horse with a big stride.  Arrow is 16’2.  He had training at the same time I had a lesson so it was weird for me to be looking down on him when standing next to him and Amber.  Made me realize how large Max is!  He was quite peppy at the beginning and I was in an English saddle so I started out a little skeptical of how the lesson was going to go but after he settled it was very good. 👍  When I do finally canter on him I think I will do it in my Western saddle just for the extra security for me.  He is the Ferrari without the dump truck but the speed still makes me a little nervous. I find when I start to get nervous I tense up and almost push myself out of the saddle.  I discovered this when I rode Gracie on Saturday.  Chloe wanted me to canter around on her because I was comfortable and I hadn’t done anything but trot for awhile.  The start was very smooth and we did large circles.  I then decided to take her down the length of the arena and found that little Gracie could move and I do believe I galloped on her.  Gracie is under 15 hands.  It wasn’t until I thought about how fast I was going that I started to get off balance.  I didn’t fall off but I knew it was the noise in my head that was causing that.🤔  Instead of relaxing into my seat I started to push up because my legs were tense.  Instead of focusing on the smooth ride we were having my mind kept thinking about the speed.  I need to get past that as Arrow will be even faster.  Riding as many different horses as possible will help with this.  Just riding more will help. My life schedule is making this difficult.  Monday I did find time after work to just go and ride Arrow and had one of our better rides. 😀  Through his training we are learning that he may just be one of those horses that need to warm up for about 10-15 minutes.  Once past that, he loosens up and is easier to ride.  I have a lesson him Saturday so Chloe can see where we are at since it has been awhile since I have had one with her.  So looking forward to it!

I always say I learn something every time I go to the farm.  Today I learned that the cute little drawer SmartPak gives you to hold the packs of supplements is definitely not waterproof.  We had 2 days of rain and I found them floating in the drawer.  Luckily their packaging is very good so I didn’t lose any.  Very thankful for that seeing as those lovely supplements are about $100/month.  I now have a small metal trash can with a locking top!👍 

Finally I must mention that we have a new arrival at the farm that is the most ADORABLE little pony!❤  Anaise got a rescue mini-pony named Storm as a companion for her horse Dakota when she takes him home from time to time.  I can only post 1 pic at a time in my blog so I will definitely have to post one in the future.  Keep a watch for that.  Besides that will give me time to observe him and see what a mini actually does. Maybe this will lead one of my readers to the adoption path of a mini!