Sep. 7, 2016

Great Trail Ride!

Arrow and I had an excellent trail ride!  He was such a good boy with just a little spook at the end. I stayed on! 👍Those darn sprinklers hitting a fence, tree or metal or anything other than grass gives him a start.  He no likey.  I am starting to get the feeling he likes to bring up the rear when out on the trails.  I can see where this would be a problem in his previous career as a racehorse possibly explaining 1 race and coming in last!  Ears are seriously pinned when a horse comes up behind.  Something we will need to work on.  Can’t always be in the back Arrow!!  Amber was able to come along and road Rockstar and Tina was on Chloe’s horse Gracie.  I have talked about her in the past. I take lessons on her sometimes.  We went out into the riverbed on the other side of one of the main roads.  Arrow has never been out there.  We needed to cross the road to get to the riverbed which is massive with LOTS and LOTS of potentially scary things.  He did mahvelous!! I was soooo proud of him. 💋  He didn’t spook until we got back to the farm.  Gotta love him!

Today was a big day for Arrow too because he went back to being barefoot.  His hooves were left longer than normal as he is transitioning.  If it doesn’t work he can go back to shoes.  I like having a Farrier who likes horses barefoot too.  Also, he had sprung 2 shoes and completely lost one at the entrance of his pen in a short period of time.  I’ve seen a horses hoof after it stepped on the nails of the shoe it just lost.  Not pretty.  I figure why risk it if I don’t need too.  Besides, I need to keep his injuries too a minimum as I continue to deal with his digestive issues.

This leads to the sad part….I think Arrow’s ulcers have returned.😥  He has the same symptoms he had before.  Once again, I think his suffering is my fault.  Ulcers can return immediately after the gastrogard is stopped.  It can take one stressful episode to get it going.  I did not know this.  I didn’t start him on his GI ultra supplements to prevent ulcers and gastritis until 6 weeks after his treatment stopped.  Unfortunately, these supplements do not treat ulcers, they just prevent so if he already had them they were not going away.  The good thing is he has been on his supplements for almost 2 months so he has the good environment now.  I’m pretty sure this is it, so I am not going to have him scoped.  If I was wrong it won’t hurt him.  I have 7 tubes of gastrogard ($210) coming and will need to order 21 more before this is done.  You do the math.😠👎  Ugh….I also started giving him Alfalfa pellets which I was told can help give the intestines a break from hay.  They also help if I am riding him and he hasn’t eaten in awhile.  Old way was never to feed a horse before you ride.  Now research is showing that it can be beneficial.  Especially for horses like Arrow that are fed 2 times a day and eat fast.  His pen is always the 1st cleared of hay.  If you let him, he would eat his neighbors hay too.  Speaking of neighbors, his new neighbor Dylan had a really nice cover put in his pen.  This adds a huge spot of shade for Arrow in the afternoon and a little bit of shelter from the rain.  The rain I’m not as concerned about unless it is super cold but Arrow seems to really like shade.  Now he has it in at least 2 different spots at any time of the day.  Sweeeeet! 😉I almost feel like I am stealing my neighbor’s wifi.

My friend Miriam is coming up for a few hours this Saturday to visit with Arrow.  We are going to take him for a walk around the farm and just hang with him.  Very very relaxing!  Unless, of course, the sprinklers are going, then there may be a very brief episode of craziness followed by a ‘whatever’.  That is Arrow. 🤪😎