Aug. 23, 2016

Arrow gets his teeth done....

Time is flying!  I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post.  Arrow had his teeth floated.  That is filing them down to make them flat.  They need to have it done about once a year.  Dr. Huth does that. That is what the picture is of.  Arrow also had his sheath cleaned (as Dr. Huth’s vet tech Raphael calls it, a Weenie Cleaning) 😀  He had it done the same day I mailed off my payment for my last Vet bill. 🤨When you think about it, it would be a weird combination to have done at the same time if you were a human!

I also talked to Arrow’s farrier (Blair Cooper) about getting him barefoot again.  He said we definitely can try it and if it doesn’t work we will put his shoes back on.  He isn’t an Eventing horse and will be doing trail riding so he should be fine.  Blair will remove his shoes and then leave his hooves longer than normal to help him transition back to barefoot.  I have my fingers crossed.  It’s not a money issue for me.  I just figure if he can go without shoes why not do it?

I have had a few riding lessons with Amber and she continues to train with Arrow.  I lucked out having Amber to take over Arrow’s training while Chloe is still out.  I did my last lesson in my English saddle to prepare for the weekend.  We have friends coming from Florida and I am going to take my friend Tina out for a trail ride.  I never rode Arrow in my English saddle so I needed to make sure I could do that so Tina can ride in my Western saddle on Gracie, Chloe’s horse.  I’ve talked about Gracie in past posts.  Love her!  She is a ton of fun in a small package!  I also rode with a different bit then I have been and noticed less head tossing.  Amber is going to try it out a few more times and if the results are the same, I will probably switch.  This will be a big weekend for us as this will be my 1st trail ride on Arrow off the farm in an area he isn’t that familiar with. Actually I have only been away twice on him and Chloe was there and we just went to the hills behind Kingsway.  Hopefully Amber will be able to come with.  If she can’t we will stick to the farm.  He does much better with other horses around so I’m thinking we will pull through just fine!  Since I have never truly cantered on him, many would say I am taking a risk but nothing about anything Arrow has done so far would indicate that he would just take off with me on his back if he was spooked.  He just takes a big jump to the side.  That is when I sometimes tend to stay where I was when he jumps to the side thus resulting in an unplanned dismount.  Stuff happens.🙃  I look forward to reporting on a very successful trail ride this weekend!  I definitely will have to get some good pictures!  Chloe went home after a 6 day stay at the hospital and is recovering.  She is not supposed to be on a horse for at least 6 weeks and so far she seems to be listening to the doctors.👍  We do miss her though and can’t wait for her return!🤪