Aug. 3, 2016

Chloe Smyth

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the day I brought Arrow home.❤  Chloe picked him up for me.  I was thinking about that this weekend and realized that while I mention Chloe in many of my posts, I have never really talked about her credentials.  Believe me, Arrow is in good hands!  If I am the #1 person in Arrow’s life right now, Chloe is a very close 2nd.  Her accomplishments I’m going to list is plagiarized from the Kingsway Website.  I know I am lazy.😋  The only thing I changed is that it said she was a 2 star competitor and she is now a 3 star!  After reading it, you wouldn’t expect her to be a mere 23 years old. 

Chloe Smyth grew up riding in Poway, California riding western and English and rode in Pony Club through the C-2 level. At the age of 15, she spent a few months as a working student to Olympic rider, Trevor Smith and his brother, Stephen Smith in Ireland. Chloe was fortunate enough to come home with C.S.I., a then 5 year old green Irish Sport horse/Holsteiner who she has brought up through the 2* level. She competed on her high school Show Jumping team in both Hunters and Jumpers at the 3’9”-4’ levels. Chloe also won the Victor Hugo-Vidal scholarship award for equine knowledge and horsemanship.  Chloe began riding with Tamra Smith, successful 4* eventer and grand prix dressage rider in 2008 and has also been riding with Niki Hall-Clarke, grand prix dressage rider/trainer for several years.

Chloe has been fortunate enough to compete a multitude of horses at such venues as Galway Downs, Rebecca Farm, Colorado Horse Park, the American Eventing Championships, Woodside Horse Park and Copper Meadows.

Besides being the Kennel man and First Professional whip to the Santa Fe Hunt, Chloe has been starting young horses, many by the Kingsway stallion, Blauer Vogel, with Terry Paine and bringing them up through the levels of competition as well as coaching many students of all ages and experience levels. Chloe is very dedicated to preparing her young horses for competition as much as possible and bringing out the best of each horse she rides. Currently, she is competing C.S.I., Rock Star, Kahlua n Cream, Stag Party, Swizzle and Cheers.

Pretty impressive…..

I was going to put up a head shot of her and Arrow that I planned on taking at my lesson yesterday.  That changed to a pic of her on Arrow and here is where this goes down hill.  Chloe had a horse rear up and flip over on her about an hour before our lesson.  This resulted in a lacerated spleen and as of still; she is in ICU at the hospital.  She definitely will not be riding for at least 6 weeks.  Tyler and I stopped by this afternoon.  As horrible as she was feeling she was still able to make arrangements for all of her horses in training and hounds until she is able to take over.  That is Chloe for you! Amber (I have mentioned her in the past) will be taking over Arrow’s training.  Hopefully we will also be able to schedule a few riding lessons.  I’m going to ride him tomorrow but not as a lesson.  Just a quiet jaunt around the farm.  It is very peaceful out there right now.  Oh, Amber pulled Arrow’s mane and as much as I fought it and wanted to keep it long, I have to admit it makes him look trimmer!  He does look better.💋 Thank You Amber!👍

Arrow (as well as Joe, Ty and I)  wish Chloe a speedy recovery and cannot wait until you come back!🤪  Thank you for hooking him up with Amber so his training was not interrupted!  He is still in good hands. 😉