Jul. 22, 2016

A Big Change for Arrow....

Arrow is a really sensitive boy so I have worried about his gastritis coming back.  I decided to start him on a supplement to help prevent gastritis and ulcers.  It is going to be $100/month but I feel it is worth it.  The guys at my barn give it to him with his PM hay but that required him to move out of the pasture up to the pens.  It would be too hard to give it in the pasture with the other horses.  I was ok with that.  If Mobi was still there it would have been a hard decision but since he hasn’t buddied up with any of the remaining horses and never did before Mobi I don’t think it was that hard on him ‘friend’ wise.  Can’t say for sure but when I take him for walks he doesn’t look over there or call out like he did when Mobi was there.  His pen is a very roomy 50 X 30 so he has plenty of space to run around and he has a shady spot at all times of the day as there are trees on both sides.  He also has neighbors on all sides and has become friends with the pretty little mare next door named Carrerra.  She always has a very nice welcome back call every time she sees him coming back to his pen.  The picture is him at one end of his pen and my car is right behind him so it is super easy to stop by and see him.  He is in the center of the Farm and horses and people are often going by so it is endless entertainment for him.  The other day I brought one of those mega balls to play with.  I think I played with it more than he did but we will keep trying! 

Now, there is a not so good part about his move. 👎  In his pasture there was a very large tub with water and that was what he was use to since last August.  His pen has automatic waterers and apparently he didn’t quite get the hang of it at first resulting in dehydration 2 nights ago.  To add to it, we are in an extreme hot spell with temps up to 108 and could be warmer this weekend. I went out to take his fly sheet off in the evening and noticed he had not touched any of his dinner and there was still a little hay on the ground from the morning.  Terry was gone for the evening and there was hardly anyone around. He seemed very lethargic and was breathing heavier than normal.🤔  After texting Chloe and Amber (she helps out with Arrow from time to time) and getting the opinions of 2 people that could actually see him, I decided to call Dr. Huth. (I just paid off my Vet bill last week😠)  He was about 3 hours out from being able to come (another horse to take care of 1st) but had me take him for walks and basically keep an eye on him until he got there.  He arrived at about 9:30pm and by then no one was left and it was super dark.  He had a sedative and was given Banamine for pain and mineral oil through a tube ran through his nostril.  I had to pull his hay until he passed manure.  The next morning I found a fresh pile so Terry went and found a flake for him and he definitely had his appetite back. 👍  I am now keeping a large bucket of water to help.  I think he is finally adjusting only he drinks from his neighbors sink (they look like little bathroom sinks) so I feel bad when that horse comes over to get a drink and Arrow shoos him away. 😥  These supplements better work after all of this!  I do think this is going to be better for him.  Jess, another trainer at the Farm, came back that evening just as Dr. Huth was leaving and explained how the automatic waterers work and why it can be hard for a horse to adjust so I got some more education.  Everyone is so helpful around there.  I really am blessed. 🙂  Chloe is gone for almost 2 weeks at a big horse show in Montana and I didn’t realize how much I depended on her until she was gone.  I was a little out of my comfort zone that night but she still was helpful through text and Arrow and I made it through.  Things like this really go a long way in building my confidence as a horse owner.  I now can recognize and deal with a dehydrated horse.  I also learned how to take Arrow’s temp as this is one of the 1st questions your vet will ask when you call. I’ve been checking on him every morning and evening since he moved.  Today I brought him some watermelon. Not a big hit.  He ate a little and then looked towards his bag of carrots.  That was that with the watermelon.  I’m sad because I will be leaving for vacation and will not see him for 4 days but I know he will be in excellent hands!  He is crossing his hooves for Chloe this weekend.  She is in Kalispell Montana competing at The 2016 Event at Rebecca Farm. He says Whinnies Auntie Chloe! 💋