Jul. 11, 2016

Emotional Rollercoaster

Today is the 1 year anniversary of losing my special special MareLake.Sad  She is the reason this blog was started and I have continued it through Arrow since her story is the story of many off track Thoroughbreds (OTTB’s).  There is hardly a day that I don’t think of her. (this whole post won’t be sad I promise)  I will continue this blog as it keeps a record for me and like I have said in the past, if someone learns from one of my mistakes or learns about a new product or technique I have learned about, it is worth it.  Especially if reading this blog leads to an adoption of another OTTB!! Thumbs up (the pic is of her in her new halter I brought to the rescue for her the 2nd time I went to visit while going through the adoption process)  If someone is new to this blog and has only been reading about Arrow, I encourage you to at least read the 1st 2 posts to understand how I now have Arrow and the story behind this blog.  Somehow they got switched around and I haven’t figured out how to fix it so if they don’t seem to follow sequence that is the reason. Confused

Last sad part….

Arrow’s bestie Mobi has found his forever home!  Yayyyy for Mobi!  Not so yayyyyyy for Arrow. Crying He left the farm yesterday for his new life.  I went out to try to catch him to say goodbye before he left but found out I had just missed him.  I sat in my car and watched Arrow standing next to the fence by himself with his head down and cried like a baby. (very emotional too because of wacky hormones). I usually see him right next to Mobi when I go through the entrance to Kingsway.  I decided not to visit Row Row as I’m sure he didn’t realize what had really happened yet and I didn’t want him upset because I was a mess.  I went out that late afternoon and took him for a walk and groomed him.  I did cry again.  Mobi was Arrow’s buddy and it hurts my heart to know he will be sad.Broken heart  I strongly believe horses develop strong bonds with certain horses and Mobi was Arrow’s special horse friend.  I’m guessing it will be a few days before he figures out that Mobi is gone a lot longer than for training with Auntie Chloe.  He is probably pacing the fence line looking for Mobi as Mobi would do when I took Arrow out for a walk.  I could always see him running along the fence line of the pasture calling out to Row and Row would throw his head up and call back.  He had a special horse friend with his foster family too so this is 2nd loss of a friend.  I really did try to figure out a way to take Mobi myself but never figured out how to make that possible.  I hope Mobi has a fabulous life retired from racing!  That stud muffin made over $400K during his career!  I saw one of his races where he came from dead last (far behind) to passing everyone and winning.  It was like something out of a movie.  He is also a super sweet boy!Love  Good Luck in your new forever home Mobi and thank you for being a part of Arrow’s life!

Finally, Arrow and I have had some really good lessons together.  I feel like things are starting to come together for us!  Chloe is doing such an amazing job with him and her patience with me as a rider is highly appreciated!  A good lesson for me does not mean that Arrow and I did everything perfect and Chloe didn’t have to do any corrections.  That is an easy relaxing ride.  A good lesson is when I or Arrow have learned something new or have accomplished something we have been working on.  An example would be when Arrow and I are trotting in a big circle and his rear starts to fall into the circle, Chloe would tell me what to do and he would correct it but I wasn’t really focusing on feeling it so I wouldn’t realize it was happening until it was too late and would need to work twice as hard to push him out onto the circle.  The last lesson I was able to feel his rear move over as I was correcting him and could tell when he was back to a normal frame and I could also feel him as he was drifting into the circle so I was able to correct him much faster.  Baby steps.  I’m also starting to let go of that nagging fear in the back of my head that I am going to go off every time Arrow spooks or has a misstep.  I really am lucky in that he is not a horse that bucks or rears.  He just protests a little when he thinks something is too hard.  His protests consist of tossing his head around a little and prancing.  Then he seems to realize he can actually do it and gives in.Wink  I still have not cantered on him.  He has a much bigger canter than Lake and right now has a little difficulty getting into it smoothly so I do not attempt it yet as that is where I always seem to fall off.  Chloe is going to have me do some lessons on a horse that is even larger than Arrow but is smooth going into the canter so I can get the feel of what a big canter feels like and this will help build my confidence with Arrow.  I am confident I will be able to do a post about my 1st successful canter on him before the year ends!Thumbs up (I have added pics of Row Row and Mobi to my picture section)