Jun. 24, 2016

A New Video :-)

It has been pretty uneventful these past several weeks.  Arrow did get an boo boo on his leg while working in the round pen so I learned what to use on it and how to wrap it.  He continues to train regularly with Chloe and is making more and more progress.  I have had lessons on him too and we have had some pretty good ones recently!👍

This will be a short blog so I posted a new video in the video section.  I bought a pad for Arrow called the Back on Track saddle pad.  It is supposed to warm his back while lunging and riding to help with stiffness.  I put it on with a saddle pad and take him for walks around the farm. The more the horse is exposed to it the better the results.  It was taken with my phone and it sounds windy even though it really wasn't.  This is a small area of Kingsway opposite side of where Arrow's pasture is so we are not close to that.  It was very relaxing.💋  There are a few babies which are in the background.  Hope you are able to see it!

The picture was given to me by Arrow's Foster family.❤  Gorgeous pics!