Jun. 1, 2016

Another Lesson Learned :-(

I have been very excited by all of my new toys I have received for Arrow over the past few weeks!  The picture is Arrow’s new hybrid halter that finally came.  I love how the blue looks on him and how well it works!  He really does lead better.  Now I have an extra one for Moby when I bring him up for some spa time with Arrow.🙂  These 2 are inseparable so I am bringing him up too when I have time to do both for some grooming.  The 1st time I decided to bring them up one at a time.  They play pretty hard.🤪 I was not sure how they would be outside of the pasture with miles and miles of anywhere they could go if they got free.  Kind of a scary thought!  I brought Arrow up and put him in the round pen while I went back for Moby.  After I finished with them I put Arrow back in the round pen and took Moby 1st.  This leads to how I came to walk them back to the pasture together the 2nd time after learning yet another lesson at Arrow’s expense.😥  I brought them up separately like I had before.  I used my Sleekez on Moby because he has more winter hair left.  I love that thing!  The horses seem to really like it too!  They both got a good brushing (curry comb and hard/soft brushes), manes and tails worked on (Show Sheen), faces wiped down and eye boogies removed and fly spray.  Treats were served while this was going on.😉  I picked Arrow’s hooves but have not done Moby’s yet.  Sometimes he will be a little nippy when I brush him so I worry a little when my booty is facing him while I pick his hooves.  I am almost positive he is absolutely fine since he is shod regularly but I need to check with Chloe the next time I see her since she is his trainer. So here is where things went down hill.  Last time I put Arrow back in the   round pen and took Moby back 1st.  It takes about 5 minutes to get to the pasture and back.  This time I decided to leave Arrow tied since there were hardly any horses around and took Moby 1st.  We made it half way back when I heard a horse having a total fit and crashing noises.  Yikes!!!  I knew it was Arrow and had to get back.  I took Moby back with me and tied him back up.  Everything in my plastic purple tote (it’s square with a handle cut out in the center) was spread all over walkways of the barn area.  There were about 20 pieces.  Arrow was just standing there breathing heavier than normal but not out of control.  I looked around for the tote and that was when I noticed it hanging on his right rear leg with blood dripping down.  Lesson learned????  Never leave your grooming tote where your horse might step in it.  Yes, he stepped in it, panicked and somehow managed to get his hoof through the handle.  The hole was not very big so it was not coming back off of his leg.  Debra, I and Dr. Witzel (who just happened to be there for another horse) tried and decided it needed to be cut off.  The plastic was very sturdy so it took time for Dr. Witzel to remove it but Arrow was finally free and we made it through with a few minor cuts. He was an absolute Angel the whole time!  This could have been a very dangerous situation with an out of control horse that couldn’t calm down.  He could have seriously injured anyone of us or himself but he stood there calmly.  He knew we wanted to help him.  His halter broke but Joe was able to fix it.  Chloe’s advice after that was ‘Just always be thinking….what’s the worst possible situation that could happen…basically all the time and horses can probably do it’.  It was then I decided to walk them both back at the same time.  Piece of Cake! 

The other toys I received were a Back on Track saddle pad which helps to warm up the back muscles and a cinch for my saddle that does not rub on his shoulder.  Arrow gets stiff so the pad helps to loosen him up.  I worked him in the round pen with it on.  I have not ridden him with the new cinch for my Western saddle but I have heard that horses respond well to it.  If I like it, I will order a girth for my English saddle.  Right now I haven’t been riding Arrow very much.  I tried riding him last week without Chloe and he is a different horse when she rides him then when I do.  I think he respects her more as a rider because he can sense my fear of going off again.  I am not as firm with him because I am afraid of how he will react when actually that is the problem.  He knows he can get away with more and doesn’t pay attention to me like Chloe.  I need to be better and quicker with getting his attention to me.  It will take time but I know we will get there.💋  I’m going to be doing more work in the round pen to help him understand that I am the head horse in this herd of ours!  This is super important if we are going to continue to grow.  I love this boy and love our journey of learning together!!❤  Best thing for RowRow (nickname has stuck) this week was today as he had his last dose of the yucky yucky Gastrogard! Yayyyyy!!! He is doing soooo much better!👍