May. 12, 2016

Arrow has Gastritis :-(

I didn’t realize how long it has been since my last post.  A lot has happened!  I talked about Arrow spooking on our ride that week and making our way through it without incident.  Not the case for our next ride.   Arrow was very hesitant walking to the arena on our ride the last weekend of April.  He stopped several times and it took a little while to get him moving each time.  He finally walked through the gate of the arena and as soon as we stepped out from under the tree and I pressed my leg for him to trot, he took 4 big steps to the left and off I went.  My entire butt is black and blue and a good part of my right leg is bruised from where my boot kicked it.  I am also swollen on my back at my waist line.  Just the day before I was bit by a horse so my left arm was swollen and bruised too.  I look like I took a fall down stairs.  Didn’t look good for my poor husband.😲  Good thing I didn’t have a black eye or I’m sure suspicion would have been raised.😉  I had no idea what had spooked him.  I broke into tears when I got back to the barn.  I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to be able to ride my horse.  When I got home I signed onto my Carson James FB page and one of the members was asking advice for a horse that had never spooked and now had been spooky for the last few rides and bucked her off.  Arrow has never bucked but he has been spooked way more over the last couple of weeks than even when he 1st came to the farm.  He was going backwards. I read the replies and several talked about the possibility her horse had ulcers and explained more of the signs such as biting at feet, having trouble picking up the lead to right at the canter, spooking, head tossing and weaving.  All of which when I thought about it, had happened at different times.  I called Dr. Huth and scheduled an Endoscopy for May 4th.  I had to walk him down to the Vet which is a little less than a ½ mile but when you are walking a giant Thoroughbred who is acting different it was intimidating.  He went the night before so I was sad that he was going to spend the evening without his herd.  He had a mini next door to keep him company but they weren’t together.  He also had to fast from 5pm until morning so I had a very unhappy horse the next morning.  I was sad for my boy.  The pic is him and Dr. Huth and his super cool tech Raphael before the procedure.  He was diagnosed with gastritis which is perfect since I have Celiac Disease.  I know digestive issues and know how important it is to get treated and how miserable you feel.  I still suspect hind gut ulcers because of the signs for that but the treatment is exactly the same so he is covered.  He is now on a 28 day program of Gastrogard.  Thankful I have insurance! I give him a tube every morning.  He no likey.🤒 I have noticed a difference.  He has more pep in his step!  Hopefully this was the issue.  This has made me feel a little more confident as a horse owner in that I didn’t wait for someone else to point out a possible problem; I figured it out and was proactive myself.

He just started his treatment so I’m not going to ride him for a few weeks and then only with Chloe around.  At least if something happens she might be able to target the problem right away whether it was my equipment, me or something with Arrow.  I’m going to continue my riding lessons but on other horses for awhile.  I need to rest my body!