Apr. 5, 2016

Arrow in his relaxed state...:-)

I know I mentioned that Arrow really likes Karen Carpenter’s version of The Rainbow Connection so I thought I would post a pic of what he looks like after about 30 seconds of listening.  I have a sequence of him from when he 1st hears it as his relaxes and drops his head but I can only put 1 pic per post so I’ll put the end result. 💋

It is interesting to see the color changes in his coat as he is shedding.  You can see the lighter spots on his face.  That has already darkened since this picture was taken a few weeks ago.  Yesterday I received my SleekEZ and I have to say it is amazing!!!  It is a wood block with a blade and it helps with shedding and overall grooming.  It is way better than the stone I have been using.  I highly recommend it! They say it is great for dogs and furniture too. Today it got up to 90 degrees so I want to give him all the help I can to remove his winter coat.  We are supposed to have colder, rainy weather all weekend so I will be on blanket watch.  He may need a light one if it drops below 50.  Blanketing becomes tricky when you don’t live where your horse is and rain just seems to happen out of no where.  If I don’t blanket him before it starts he goes without.  If I put one on him when he is wet, he would be colder than if I left it off.  As long as it stays in the 50’s at night he will be fine.  I found little things that may seem insignificant to most affect how I am building my confidence as a horse owner.  I am not second guessing myself as much if this makes sense.  An example would be last week I was leaving the farm and I noticed a horse out in a pasture with a strap dragging that had come unclipped from his blanket.  In the past I would have probably called Chloe or Terry or tried to find the owner because I would not have known how to correct it or I wouldn’t have approached the horse since I didn’t know him.  I slowly approached the horse, let him smell me and when he seemed to be ok with me touching him I reached under his belly and clipped it up and he was good to go. Positive experiences like this go a long way!

Arrow had his vaccinations today and had a good check up from Dr. Huth.  My Vet is higher on my speed dial list than my own doctor as I feel it should be.👍  He had no issues with the needles and was a very good boy!  Did I mention I discovered that Arrow is an escape artist that doesn’t really escape?🙃  Arrow has figured out how to untie himself.  He does it when he thinks no one is around and then just stands there like he is still tied.  It really is precious.  Today he did it so he could reach a broom hanging on the wall.  I came back from the laundry room and there he was untied, neck stretched out with the straw end of broom in his mouth. The handle was still on the hook.  He only took one step from where he originally was.  Photo op missed.😠

I ordered Arrow a hybrid halter which is supposed to be the best of a nylon and rope combined.  It was too small so I just sent it back for a larger one.  They say you have more control of your horse and that you should be able to get the same response from your horse when using a bridle without a bit.  Many in my Carson James group say it really works well so I am going to give it a try.  Bummed I have to wait.  It is a really pretty blue so I’ll have to show a pic of that.  The rain will keep me from riding this weekend but not from loving on him.  Might even play in the rain with him!🤪