Mar. 21, 2016

Happy Spring!

Spring is definitely here!  The temperature has been in the 70’s/80’s, babies are being born at the farm, Arrow is losing his winter coat and the days are longer which means more riding time!  Yayyyyy! 

It has been an eventful week for Arrow.  He had a good training with Chloe before she left for the Copper Meadows horse trials.  She said he is coming along much quicker now.  I’m so proud of him!  Hopefully I can watch him this week.  I rode him on Sunday.  He spooked a few times, once while we were trotting around the gallop track.  I believe it was the scary red bucket that came into view as we started past a tree but I cannot be sure.  He spooked a few minutes before and it was when a horse snorted that I don’t think he knew was there.  Send a loud banging tractor by him and he doesn’t even give it a second thought.  Still figuring him out. 😉  He doesn’t really like white rags either.  We are slowly working through his issues. 

I did two long grooming sessions with him to help him shed.  I think he was one of the hairiest horses at the farm.  I bought a grooming stone which is about the size of my hand and is like a pumice stone.  It does a great job of removing the hair but it takes forever!  I spent 2 hours the 1st time and that was just using that.  The next day I spent another hour using the stone and brushing.  I got about and 8 gallon bag of hair off of him.  I don’t think it was such a great idea to do so much at once as my rotator cuff is sore.  Good thing I have physical therapy tomorrow! Saturday he had good bath and I worked on his tail.  This was like a spa week for him!  He also had a fabulous massage and body work session from Debra at Debra’s Equine Massage.  The two of them are pictured after his session.  Doesn’t he look totally relaxed? 😀  He LOVES her massages!!  She is able to do it out in the pasture and he doesn’t even move.  It makes me happy to pamper him. 😘  I have 4 pairs of reins yet I had to get him these pretty bright blue and black reins that we used on Sunday for the 1st time.  Maybe I’ll do a pic of those next week.  I can only do one at a time!  My daughter is on Spring Break so I plan on taking some time off next week and riding will be at the top of our list. 👍