Mar. 10, 2016

Becoming an equestrian family.....

Joe was finally able to have his 1st lesson and he did great!  We are officially becoming an Equestrian family. 🙂  I wish he would have had a chance to ride Lake.  He would have been able to ride her now.  Arrow will be a ways down the road.  I really look forward to the day when Joe, Ty and I can go on trail rides out in wine country.  This is why I really wanted him to take lessons.  Trail riding around wine country is totally different than trail riding on rental horses so safety is 1st priority.  The pic is of Joe on Slim Shady, the horse that Tyler takes her lessons on.  Her riding is coming along very nicely too.  All of this horsey stuff makes my heart happy! 

I’m so excited because day light savings time is this weekend!  Now I will be able to ride Arrow after work.  I don’t now because I don’t like to ride him right at feeding time and it gets too dark by the time I could ride.  Yayyyyy, what better way to end the day than a nice relaxing ride with my precious boy.  I’m still trying to squeeze in my own riding lessons on Gracie.  Between my work schedule and Chloe’s schedule it can be a little challenging.  I appreciate every moment I get with the horses. 

Something else that happened that was exciting for me is a locker opened up by my tack room.  There are not very many so I have been a vulture waiting for one to become available.  I swooped in and had it all set up in about 15 minutes.  It is large enough for both saddles, all of my saddle pads, blankets, bridles, grooming kit, boots, helmets and even a chair for my Dad when he comes to watch Ty or I ride.  It is almost like a locker at school in that I cannot wait to decorate!

I did spend an evening this week trying to see if I could possibly afford a second horse to keep one from going to a rescue.  Unfortunately I cannot.  There is a very sweet girl at the farm who has a horse she got for showing.  It was recently decided that he was too lame for that but could be a trail horse which is what I need for a 2nd horse.  She has been trying to find a home for him with no success and I know she is completely broken hearted.  I so wish I could help her out but the timing is not right.  This is her last month she can board him so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will find a home for him in the next few weeks.  I know this has been very hard for her and she has been in my thoughts.  Having a horse can bring the greatest joy ❤and the greatest pain💔.

 I’m hoping it doesn’t rain this weekend so I can ride Arrow.  There is going to be a big fair at Galway downs next weekend right across from his pasture so I’m thinking the horses may be a little weird.  Lots of traffic and the noise and lights from all the amusement park rides may be cause for some excitement which could lead to unsafe riding for someone of my ability so that may just be a bathing/grooming weekend.  He is shedding now so the extra grooming is good for him.  I’ll make sure to play ‘Rainbow Connection’ for him as it puts him into an instant relaxation state. 💋