Feb. 29, 2016

Awwwww....what else needs to be said?

Look at the precious (yet to be named) baby boy!  He is the 1st baby of the year at Kingsway.  It won’t be long until there will be babies galore!  Warms my heart. ❤  I took the picture today when I finally had a few moments to see my Arrow.  I haven’t seen him since Thursday. 😥 

It has been 2 weeks since I last posted.  Almost sounds like the beginning of a confession. 😉  It’s been unnecessarily busy at work which sadly doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.  It is so cutting into my Arrow time and I am getting frustrated.  I need my job to keep Arrow and I need Arrow to keep my sanity at work!  I also have Celiac Disease and I got glutened on Friday.  I felt like I had the flu for 3 days.🤒  I’m finally feeling a little better but of course, I was not able to ride Arrow over the weekend.  Why on the weekend?!?!?  No illness should be allowed on the weekend! Tyler was going to ride him for the 1st time so that was a little disappointing.  She wasn’t going to do anything crazy.  We thought just walk him and trot him in the round pen.  When I did ride him a few times this past few weeks we spent time working on slowing him down just with the change in my body position.  No reins were involved.  We had successful sessions!  I would trot him for about 40 steps and then relax back into my seat and say ‘whoa’.  He would slow to a walk, get a pat and a ‘good boy’ from me and immediately we would go into a trot and repeat.  It only took a few times before I just needed to relax.  No ‘whoa’ was required.  He was very relaxed which always makes me happy! 

Joe was going to start riding lessons this past Friday.  His new helmet arrived on Thursday.  Unfortunately there was a tragic riding accident on Wednesday resulting in the death of a rider.💔  It directly affected a lot of people at the farm as she was friends with many of them including my trainer.  For obvious reasons the lesson was cancelled.  It makes my stupid celiac disease flair up not such a big deal.  My thoughts were with the family and friends this weekend.  This just reminds me of what a powerful animal I am riding and the risks that come with it.  Joe will most likely have his very 1st lesson this weekend so I’m sure I know what my next post will be about. 👍 

I do want to wish anyone out there who might be reading this a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  How exciting to age only every 4 years!  Happy Leap Year!