Feb. 14, 2016


I hope everyone had a Fantabulous Valentines Day!

Friday I was able to watch Arrow at his lesson with Chloe.  She has been working with him on slowing down not speeding up when his rider (most likely me) gets off balance and perhaps starts to fall off.  This pic was taken at the end.  I would say he coming along very nicely. 😀  Please do not try this at home as Chloe is a trained professional.  I believe the results would be disastrous if I tried it!  I rode him on Saturday but only for about 20 minutes.  He lost a shoe so we are only riding him in the round pen until his Farrier can get out and put on a new one.  It has also been close to 90 degrees and my boy has a pretty thick winter coat so I do not want him to overheat.  My friend Miriam came out for some ‘horse therapy’ to visit with Arrow, the other horses and watch me ride.  She said it completely relaxed her from her stressful work week.  I’m telling you, hanging out at Kingsway is so therapeutic.  Sometimes it’s the one thing I need after a stressful work day which seems to be almost everyday. 👎

Joe has now decided he would like to start taking riding lessons.  I think it’s a good idea so he can come out on the trails with us.  It is not exactly like trail riding at a rental place so it would be good for him to know the basics just in case.  I wonder if this means he is thinking we need to get another horse soon.  I’m thinking yes!  Arrow does really need a trail companion so things are not so scary!  It looks like we are becoming an Equestrian family. 🤪

There was sadness at Kingsway last week.  I had mentioned Debra who has given Arrow fabulous massages and sat with Lake in the pasture when she was euthanized waiting for the rendering van to pick her up.  She is a very special person.  Sadly she lost her Rottweiler General unexpectedly.  After many tests she still does not have an answer as to why.  My heart broke for her when I found out.  Hopefully he has found Lake and they are just hanging out waiting for us to cross that bridge with them. 💋