Feb. 5, 2016


This pretty little girl is my trainer Chloe’s lesson pony.  She is now my lesson pony for awhile.  After the last visit to my Chiropractor I found out that what I thought was just a rib out is actually a broken rib.  👎With a torn rotator cuff on the right and a broken rib on the left I really need to take it easy and not put myself in a situation where I might go off my monster size horse.  I have officially started the journey of focusing on my riding skills and letting Chloe work her magic on Arrow.  Last week she rode him like she was falling off of him.  It’s basically like she was me.🤪  She found he bolts when he feels someone off balance on his back.  She said he bolted the first two times she tried and by the 3rd time he slowed down.  She is going to get him so that if his rider is unstable he knows to slow down, not panic and bolt.  He will have this down in no time! 

What it comes down to, is that it doesn’t matter how good Arrow is if I do not have good riding skills.  Anything I do at this point could set him back, injure him or confuse him and I don’t want that to happen.  I will ride him for bonding and confidence building rides for now.  With Gracie, we are working on my balance.  It’s pretty bad and I didn’t realize how bad since riding Lake was totally different than riding Arrow.  Gracie is a pony so just being closer to the ground helps me mentally.  I’m more relaxed not worrying if I am going to go off.  Off is not very far down!  By the end of last week’s lesson I was cantering her with my feet out of the stirrups.  I really needed that lesson.  We will be doing things like this for the next few weeks.  I can’t wait until the day that I can post I was able to do that on my sweet Arrow!

The Galway Downs Winter Horse Trials are this weekend.  It is right across the street from Arrow’s pasture.  I plan on watching Chloe compete against the top riders and just watching to learn.  I heard that the best place for beginning riders to be at the hose shows is by the warm up arenas.  Free lessons galore!  You can watch the riders working with their horses.  Chloe spent this week training with an Olympian.  There is always more to learn.  Those who stop wanting to learn more will only do a disservice to themselves and their horses.  There is always more to learn.  Horse Ownership is a commitment. A HUGE commitment!!  It’s also more rewarding than one can imagine. 💋❤