Jan. 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Lake!

Lake would have been 12 years old today.  My very very special Mare.  She started this lifelong Equestrian journey I am on.  The picture is her and I the very 1st day we met.  I miss her like crazy!! I wanted to go back to the beginning of my blog today and read my posts that started it.  I think I need to wait.  The tears flow thinking about it and just writing this is emotional.  I know my limits.  I still to this day cannot believe I lost her so soon.  I just need to remember that she led me to Arrow. 🙂  Thank you Lake for the joy you brought to me and my family.  You will never be replaced.  We miss you.😥 We Love you!❤ 

I cantered very briefly on Arrow this week in a small round pen.  It ended with a Trauma nurse running over and asking if I was ok. 👎 I wasn’t ready for the speed and went off into a gate.  After picking myself up I got back on and Chloe had me ride without stirrups to help me work on my balance.  While trotting, two other horses came up and he got a little excited.  I went off again. 🙃  This lesson resulted in 5 gnarly bruises and a few popped ribs but nothing torn.  I start my physical therapy at the hospital this Friday for my torn rotator cuff so I might have them look me over just in case! I have come to the realization that Arrow is too much horse for me right now to use as a lesson horse.  Chloe agrees.  For awhile I am going to work on my riding skills using one of Chloe’s lesson horses and she is going to work on Arrow.  If I don’t get my ‘riding house’ in order it could hurt Arrow’s progress and stress him out.  You can tell in his eye he is very concerned when I fall off and if this keeps up we won’t make much progress.  I am going to continue riding him but it will be nice easy rides around the farm.  They will be confidence and trust building rides.  He needs to feel that I feel safe on him.  I actually rode him alone the very next day around the farm.  I sang to him and was very relaxed.  As we were rounding the gallop track (walking) a bird came out of the bush and Arrow took a giant leap to the left and planted himself.  I moved with him and had no problems staying in the saddle.  It was actually a more intense movement than when I went off when we started cantering.  This is where I realized that the problem was really me not him.  My body is too tense because I anticipate the possibility of not staying on.  I’m not moving with him the way I should.  Chloe is going to do some training with him where she mimics a rider who is losing their balance to get him use to what it feels like.  At least he will experience a rider who loses their balance and actually stays on!

There is a pretty paint mare next to Arrow’s pasture that likes to pin her ears at every horse that walks by.  They are right by the gallop track. While walking him back to his pasture after riding him I thought we would stop by and say hi.  I guess I thought they would be ok because they are right next to each other after all.  She had some words for him, he reached his neck over the fence and bit her on the butt and she spun around and kicked.  If the fence wasn’t there, Arrow would have had a chest full of hooves.  I told him biting the booty is definitely not a way to pick up on the ladies! 🤪 I kind of think he likes Flirtini (Flirty).  She is the horse that bonded with Joe while we had Lake.  We call Joe her boyfriend.  He may have competition. They were recently cross tied next to each other and Arrow seemed to be enamored with her. A budding romance?😘