Jan. 18, 2016

New Riding Boots!

I found these gorgeous Andalusian riding boots online a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to get them!  I gave my black boots to Tyler and only had my Western boots.  I wanted boots to wear with my English saddle when I started riding in that again.  I showed them to my husband and told him this was what I was saving my $$ for.  I’ve always believed my husband spoils me to a fault and sure enough, the boots arrived at my doorstep a week later.  I LOVE them!! I LOVE him!! I wore them this weekend and swear I rode better. 😉  I wonder what would happen if I start showing him pictures of horses I would like to adopt. 

I still have not been able to canter on Arrow.  We did some trail riding in the hills but it rained and work has been busy so I have only had 1 lesson in the last few weeks.  It was too wet in the arena and round pen to do any cantering.  I can’t wait until the days get longer so I can ride after work.  When I ride by myself I stay at Kingsway.  Arrow doesn’t really like to be out without other horses and I don’t know many of the trails.  I do wish I had others to ride with on the weekends. I do not have a trailer so if anyone did want to they would have to come to me.  Then we would have to hope I didn’t get us lost! 😋  While the daylight isn’t as long right now, I like to spend some of my time watching the Carson James training videos and browsing the Facebook page.  I mentioned in the past that I am a member of that ‘horse’ group and I love the training videos.  I highly recommend to anyone who has horses, becoming a member.  It is definitely worth the monthly fee.  I think all levels of experience could benefit. 

I got new boots and Arrow got new shoes this week.  They are lighter than his others.  I was also able to watch a lesson with Chloe and he is still coming along very nicely.  I found he does protest a little when introduced to new things or when doing things he is not fond of or he finds too hard.  He did a little ½ rear with Chloe but nothing major and that was rare.  At another lesson, Chloe was jumping him over some shorter jumps and during one of the jumps I guess he decided he was going to make no effort and went THROUGH the jump like it wasn’t there knocking everything over.  It brought some laughs. 😀  I wasn’t there but wish I could have seen it.  What a character that horse of mine is!🤪   He is having a Spa day this Wednesday and getting a massage from Debra and then he will have visitors this weekend.  He loves visitors because visitors mean TREATS!!!!