Jan. 4, 2016

Happy New Year!


I’m sad that my vacation is over.😠  Rain took some of my Arrow time but I did get to ride him a little more than on an average week.  It is supposed to rain the whole week and work will be super busy so I won’t be able to ride until the weekend.  Yesterday Tyler and I rode with Chloe into the hills for some exercise.  Those are muscle building rides.  Also, Arrow has put on a little weight so the extra work is good for him.  His coat is pretty thick too so he is looking a little chubby.  Just a little though.😉 Our daughter Amanda came to visit for Christmas so Arrow got to meet another sibling.  He is pictured here with her.  She is the 1st of Tyler’s 8 brothers and sisters to meet Arrow.  They are all adults spread out throughout different states so we don’t get to see them that much.  This was a treat. 🙂


This week I learned about ‘sprung’ shoes.  Since shoes are new to me this was something I hadn’t dealt with.  A sprung shoe means the shoe is coming off.  It was New Year’s Day so there were not many people at the farm.  I saw it and thought about putting him back in the pasture and asking Chloe about it when she returned from her little vacation.  That would have been a very poor choice.  I ran into Jess, a very sweet woman who runs her Eventing business at the farm, and asked her about it.  I learned that a sprung shoe needs to come off immediately but it is not something just anyone can do.  A Farrier should do it or you can do more damage if you are not skilled in this area.  If I left it on, so much could have gone wrong.  He could have torn it completely off taking more hoof with it, injured his other leg with it or had one of the nails go through the sole.  Luckily Terry was there and replaced it.  He had to replace his other shoe yesterday.  I got some input about his current shoes (too big and heavy) and have decided to try a different Farrier.  I would also like to have my Farrier closer because Terry won’t always be there.  I have learned that if it happens again and no one can attend to it, I need to wrap it with Gorilla tape.  Sounds like a MacGyver fix.😋  It really is a MUST know.  Hoof care is VERY important! 


I did get my new bridle.  I really like it but the noseband didn’t fit him well and rubbed.  Luckily it was detachable so I used the noseband I had for another bridle.  Over the past year of horse ownership I have learned a lot of ‘fixes’ for my tack and other horse related things so I don’t get as frustrated when something isn’t quite right.  I can deal with it better.  The more ya know, the more $$$ you save! 👍


My next lesson on Arrow will be a big one!  Chloe said Arrow is ready for me to Canter on him so I am going to do that for the 1st time.  I am a little nervous about it.  His canter is a lot faster than Lake’s right now so I’m going to have to get use to that.  Hopefully all with go off without a hitch and I don't end up on the ground!🙃