Dec. 22, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I can’t believe Christmas is only 3 days away!  I’m LOVIN’ being on vacation from work but it’s been rainy so I haven’t had as much horse time as I would have liked. 😠  The rest of the week looks promising!

 I had my consultation with Orthopedics and found out I have 3 tears in my rotator cuff but they believe no surgery will be required.  Yayyyyyy!  I wasn’t even restricted from riding during physical therapy so all is good! I’m just supposed to stay on his back.  Go figure.  I decided I was going to ride on Saturday.  I don’t know if it was because there was a storm rolling in and it was cold and rainy or he was just lazy but Arrow was being an Ass Horse and constantly planted all 4’s refusing to move. Arrgghhh.  I finally got him to the arena and got a little pep into him but it just wasn’t happening.  We ended the day with a trot around the arena and a good grooming.  And of course, a carrot!  I have a new bridle coming on Wednesday.  I’m so excited!  I think it will be safer than my current black bridle.  Little leather ties secure the bit in place and they loosen frequently.  I have had the bit fall off with Lake and really do not want to see how that would be with Arrow.

Lucky Me!  My horse training 101 is continuing.  Arrow has Thrush.  That is a very common bacterial infection by the frog in his hoof.  It can be caused by many things.  It may be because his pasture has been wet.  He could have been standing around in his pee.   I got a bottle of Thrush Buster and am working on clearing it up.  It should only take a few applications.  Always something. 🤨

I hope everyone has a great holiday!  I plan on spending the next few days hanging out at the farm and riding Arrow.👍 Will definitely try out the new bridle!  Tyler is going to help Chloe a day or 2.  That was our plan today but Mother Nature had other plans.  This is another holiday picture of Arrow and this one says to me…’Mom, You have got to be kidding me!’👎  I love Him!❤