Dec. 9, 2015

My Cherished Possession....

I just passed the year anniversary of bringing Lake to Kingsway Farm.  I can’t believe it has been a year already!  Last Friday I went to the farm and received the BEAUTIFUL bracelet pictured.  Linda Paine, the owner of Kingsway, made it for me.  It was made from Lake’s tail.  It was a tough day.💔  I’m crying while typing this.  I realized how much I missed her. 😥  She was such an amazing horse and I still get angry thinking about how I lost her at such a young age.  That day I had a few irrational thoughts such as ‘if I hadn’t adopted her she would still be alive today’.  Then I remind myself that if I hadn’t adopted her, I wouldn’t be on this incredible journey and I wouldn’t have my Arrow.  Lake will always be present through Arrow. I hope she enjoyed the short time we had together.  This bracelet is one of my most cherished possessions and it is displayed next to one of my other cherished possessions which is the necklace my dear friend Mary had made for me.  The picture for that is in one of my earlier posts. I have a shrine for her.  As beautiful as the bracelet is, I don’t want another for many many many years.  I love you Lake!  You changed my life; you changed my family’s lives. ❤

I finally had an MRI on my shoulder that I injured when I fell from Arrow at the end of September.  The initial report is that I have a tear in my tendon and bursitis.  I have been referred to Orthopedics to find out what this will mean as far as treatment and all that good stuff.  My insurance requires I do this at the county hospital.  Yayyyyy.👎  The inmates from the jails are taken there too.  The last time I had to take Tyler there for a consultation on a mole, she was the only person in the actual clinic for that who was not an inmate in chains or a corrections department or Sheriff’s department employee.  It was a little scary for her not to mention it takes FOREVER because I believe they have priority and there are a lot.  It’s their get out of jail card for the day.  I’m hoping they do not make me go there for physical therapy as it is an hour from my house and any appointment takes about 2 hours.  Most of that waiting time. 😠  I’ll update.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to total up my expenses so far since becoming a horse owner.  I did.  I think I am still in sticker shock.  This doesn’t include things I get like horse cookies and such.  It does include: Adoption fees, board, tack, clothing, supplies like horse blankets and fly masks, Vet bills, transportation, training, riding lessons, insurance, fly sprays, grooming supplies like shampoos, showsheen, combs and brushes and my tack trunk.  The grand total for 13 months?  $18,000!!!!  Now people with show horses would probably be ecstatic about that cost.  Have I mentioned Arrow may have a future as a show horse? 🤔  I don’t think I’m going to total up receipts anymore. Even with my sticker shock after hitting the grand total button on my calculator, I still want another in the future.  Not to replace Arrow but to add to our family.  He doesn’t really like to trail ride by himself.  A lot of horses don’t.  It’s obvious I need two!  I want to adopt a mini donkey too!  If you haven’t seen a mini donkey, don’t look it up or you will want one instantly!!