Dec. 2, 2015

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  This is unfortunate for poor Arrow as he has to be subjected to the Christmas pictures.  This was the outfit I had talked about ordering for him.  I kind of wish I would have caved and got the leg wraps but I didn’t want to get too ridiculous.  What better way to kick off the season with a Santa Horse. 💋

Last week I was excited to ride Arrow on the weekend after Thanksgiving but that didn’t happen. 😠  I managed to get whatever cold or flu thing is going around the day after Turkey Day.  I didn’t even have the energy to visit.  But…that was ok because the day after my last post I went to pick up Tyler after helping Chloe for the day and they had just gotten back from riding.  Chloe was riding Arrow. They had 2 more horses to ride so I got to ride Arrow on a trail ride with them.  I rode in Chloe’s tack and that was my 1st time riding him English style.  The next day I had a lesson on him and it went very well.  We are building our trust in each other. 👍 He has such patience with me.  I’m sure it’s a different experience for him when Chloe rides him then when I do.  I do feel that my riding skills are improving though.  Thank God!  I feel bad because here my poor horse is trying to get the riding thing down and then he has to deal with me.  Arrow is doing very well!  It is awesome to watch Chloe with him!  To me he looks regal when she rides him. 😀  You can tell he really wants to do the right thing and loves praise!  Especially if the praise if followed by a treat!  It rained Thanksgiving night so I was able to try out his rain sheet. It fit perfect and I had a nice dry horse the next day. It’s not warm enough though for the colder weather coming and the blanket I have is too heavy if he is not clipped so I do have a lighter weight blanket on its way.  The official outerwear for him now includes 1 light fly sheet, 1 heavy fly sheet, 1 rain sheet, 1 medium weight blanket and a heavy weight blanket because you never know when I’m going to haul him to Minnesota!  He will probably never wear the heavy weight unless I show him and he needs to be clipped.  Just in case, I will keep it.  I’m getting quite a collection of things I won’t use.  The woes of being a new horse owner.  Since part of this blog was to help other 1st time horse owners I think I will total up my ‘horse’ expenses since I 1st adopted Lake for my next post.  I’m sure it will be eye opening to me.  Maybe even scary!

Today is a very special day for me too!  It is my daughter’s 14th B-day.  I have no idea where the time went.  I would have loved to have gotten her a horse of her own but for now, only 1 is in the budget.  Tyler is really taking to the ‘horse’ world!  She enjoys helping Chloe and her riding gets better and better each time.  I honestly never thought I would look up to see Tyler cantering by me at a good clip on a horse.  Life takes such unexpected turns! 🙃