Nov. 23, 2015

Equipment Check a Must!!!

In my last post I said that I would be riding Arrow the following weekend.  He had a great bath but we only rode for a few minutes.  Arrow was constantly tossing his head to the right.  To best describe it, it was like he was trying to bite at flies about shoulder height.  I didn’t know what was going on and Chloe wasn’t there so I didn’t want to push it.  Chloe rode him during the week and he was fine except for a small time doing it the 1st time she rode him. Most likely that was because he was remembering his recent experience.  I tried the following weekend and the same thing happened.  I met up with Debra & Silencer and Anaise & Dakota and followed them to the arena. (They are ahead of us in the pic)  Arrow started again and when Debra looked at him she could immediately see that his bit was too loose.  The D-ring on the side had gone completely in his mouth.  I’m surprised he didn’t buck me off!  Luckily he doesn’t do that!  Poor boy had to have been so uncomfortable. 😠 Well, after an adjustment of the bridle we had a really good ride. 💋  Thank You Debra!  How did this happen you may ask?  I had done a thorough cleaning of his bridle and didn’t buckle up the right side in the correct hole.  If I had done a proper equipment check before I rode both of those times, this would not have happened.  It is so important to check your equipment before riding.  It doesn’t matter how short the ride is.  Lesson learned!  Thank goodness Arrow has the patience he has with me. 

Tyler spent today helping Chloe and her Mom Donna.  She really likes to do that!  She is off for this Thanksgiving week so she is going to help another day or 2.  It also gives her more opportunities to work with Arrow.  She gets him from the pasture and helps to tack him up.  Today she got to trail ride with Chloe while they ponied a horse getting ready to start training.  I was totally jealous!  So much more fun than work!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend!  I’m off on Friday for Thanksgiving so Tyler and I will be doing our lesson together on Friday and I plan on riding him without Chloe on the weekend.  I will do equipment check twice!!!  I’m also going to work with clippers with Arrow.  He doesn’t like them around his ears so I haven’t been able to clip his bridle path.  Last week I was able to put them on top of his halter behind his ears while they were on.  When I tried to move to the mane he would have none of that.  Baby steps.  Maybe he is trying to grow a long luscious mane for the ladies and doesn’t like me messing with it. 😉