Nov. 13, 2015

Miscellaneous goings on.....

This week I had to go out of town for work and it always makes me feel better knowing that Arrow is in good hands when I leave.  Joe went out to see him after work.  He had sent me this picture and I knew right away by looking at Arrow’s ears that there was another horse nearby out of view.  He is getting irritated that someone is trying to make a move on his human.  What usually happens next is a turn of the head with a warning look and then a spin of his body and off he goes to chase away the offender which is usually Jones or Captain.  Both are very sweet horses so I always feel bad. 😥

At the end of my last post I talked about getting a few Christmas items for Arrow and I was true to my word.  I then received a text the next day from my dear friend Mary telling me not to order anything from that magazine.  Well, the other day I received 2 boxes.  One box had the Santa hat for Arrow, a halter and a saddle pad so I was confused by what was in the larger box from the same place.  That box, it turned out, was gifts for Arrow, Tyler and I from Mary.  Arrow got the same saddle pad and santa hat (Mary and I think alike) that I got, a beautiful horseshoe shaped Christmas wreath, a Santa hat for my riding helmet and Tyler got really cool purple horse jammies.  Lake would have loved them!  Purple!!  There are jammies for horses but I don’t think I will go there.  The saddle pad and Santa hat I got for Arrow are now for Chloe’s horse CSI.  We will be doing a photo session with them. 😉  Pictures will be posted!

I found that since I had adopted Lake I have become so much more aware of not only the plight of the rescued retired race horses, but horses in general along with the treatment of all different types of animals.  After Sea World announced that they would be phasing out the Shamu show because of the documentary Blackfish, Joe wanted to see it so we watched it the other day.  Ugh…..I had no idea how the water parks had obtained the Whales for their displays and shows.  I assumed they had been ‘rescued’ whales that could no longer be in the wild.  Nope.  They were babies taken from their mothers in the ocean.  The video of this happening is heart breaking to watch.  The whole documentary is tough to watch but should be watched. Joe said Sea World will not see another dime of our money. 😠

So I do not end on a depressing note, I am happy to say that I rode Arrow last weekend without incident and I will be riding him again this weekend.  Tyler even helped to tack him up.  She was out of school on Wednesday so she worked with Chloe for part of the day and got to tack him up and groom him again along with a few other horses.  She is learning so much and this is really a blessing.  It helps to have at least one other person in the family who knows how to handle and care for a horse.  You never know when she will need to step in.👍