Nov. 3, 2015

So Proud of Chloe!

This has been a quiet week for Arrow.  He trained with Chloe but I didn’t ride him on Friday because Chloe had the horse show I mentioned in last weeks post.  This is one of the biggest horse shows of the year for her and it was one of her best ever!  She and CSI (pictured) finished 7th with a double clean show jumping round in the 2 star division at Galway Downs!🤪 I had to borrow that sentence from Chloe’s Mom since I’m just learning the horse show speak and who knows what people would have thought she did based on my description.  Anywho….it was a tremendous accomplishment! She was competing against international riders.  There was another horse at the farm that competed, named Dakota.  This was his debut at the 3 day shows and he got 6th place in his division!  He looked awesome!

The talk around here is of the ‘devastating’ rains we are suppose to have this winter from El Nino.  I’m not holding my breath.  If it is true they still said it won’t take us out of this drought. 👎  Just in case, I tried Lake’s blankets on Arrow and they fit.  Thankfully!  I have 4 sheets and blankets for rain, snow and flies and did not want to have to replace them.  I had gotten a warm blanket after the snow we had last year but never put it on Lake.  I just discovered that I ordered a blanket that unless it gets down to 10 degrees here in Southern California, is going to probably never get used. 😠  Arghhh.  I was not sure how he would react to a blanket getting tossed over him and he didn’t even flinch.  He did look at me as though I was crazy because it was 85 degrees at the time and he has started getting his winter coat so I’m sure he was a little toasty.  Luckily it didn’t take much time to adjust it to fit.  Now I am waiting for my rain. 

I’m hoping to ride Arrow on Friday.  I think I may go back to training on my English saddle.  I still need to learn since my training was cut short by the loss of Lake and Arrow is ridden English when Chloe rides and will be ridden English when Tyler starts riding him.  Since he was green himself and probably doesn’t have much experience with Western I think it would be best for him. His well being comes first.

Finally, a bad thing did happen.  I received a magazine called ‘Back In The Saddle’ in the mail and it is full of Christmas stuff for Horses and Horse lovers!!  Yikes, I could buy the whole magazine.  Especially the jammies!  I’m in serious danger of going out of control with the credit card!  I’m going to stay in control and only order the Christmas hat and saddle pad.  Ok, maybe the halter too.  Arrow’s Christmas pictures should be Fabulous!💋