Oct. 26, 2015

Arrow Jumps...

Friday I was able to watch Arrow’s training and I was very impressed with how far he has come in such a short time!  We really are lucky to have Chloe.  She tried jumping him over a small jump and by the 3rd time he did it without touching any poles. The pic is of that jump. He seems to really like to train. His body is also changing as his muscles continue to develop as he works.  Arrow really is a striking horse!  I think his tail has grown a few inches too. 😉

Yesterday was an exciting day for me because I got to ride him for the 1st time in a month.  I was with Chloe and we didn’t do anything crazy.  We worked on his frame while we walked and trotted. I’m still riding him Western but thinking about doing some of my lessons in my English saddle.  This is something I will need to talk to Chloe about. I do want to try fox hunting with him in the future and will need to be in an English saddle.  I keep waffling back and forth. 🤨  It will take time for Arrow and I to really connect when riding as we are both green but what an adventure this is!  He and I will become one. 💋 

The Galway Downs International 3-Day Event is this weekend so it will be very busy at Kingsway.  Arrow’s pasture is right across the road from the arena where they do the Dressage competition so that should be fun for him to watch.  I definitely will not be riding him because I don’t think I could keep his attention.  A lot of the competitors will be at Kingsway and the horses go back and forth right by his pasture so his energy level will probably be a little higher than normal.  Tyler, Joe and I will be at Galway cheering on Chloe and all of the riders and horses (CSI, Flirtini, Kulah, Rockstar and Dakota to name a few) from Kingsway.  Maybe in a year or two I’ll be cheering on Tyler and Arrow or maybe myself and Arrow!  Still a long way to go. 😋  If anyone reading this is close to Temecula I highly recommend checking it out!  This often times becomes the 2nd career for retired race horses.