Oct. 16, 2015

Arrow's New Shoes....

I wanted to keep Arrow barefoot for as long as I could but with his increase in training it was time for some shoes.  Tuesday Arrow got what I am assuming is his 1st pair of shoes since racing.  I could have done a better job of cleaning his hoof up for the picture. 🤨  Of course this means his pedicures are increasing in price.  His Farrier visits went from $50 to $120.  The ching ching never stops!  He is going to be getting a message pretty soon too.  Pedicures….Massages….A good mud roll…..It’s like a regular Glen Ivy Spa Day for Arrow.  This is why my feet don’t look so hot! 👎 The things we sacrifice to keep our Equine babies fit and happy. 💋 

As far as his training this week, Chloe said Wednesday was his best day cantering yet!  Everything is really coming together for him.  I actually may start riding him (with Chloe present of course) in a few weeks.  Not sure if I will attempt cantering yet but we’ll see.  I did ride Chloe’s sweet pony, Gracie, this week during Tyler’s lesson so I am keeping up on my riding.  I don’t want to get rusty.  Tyler is really doing well with riding and she actually cantered for the 1st time this week and loved it!  If Arrow keeps coming along like he has been it probably won’t be long until Tyler has her lessons on him. 🤪  Exciting stuff!!