Oct. 8, 2015

This Week at the Farm...

I did say I was probably going to ride Arrow on Saturday and I did but just for a little bit.  For some reason he seemed off so I decided for now it is best to only ride him with Chloe present.  There may have been an issue with his tack and I couldn’t trouble shoot it.  I would have only been putting him at risk.  We ended up having a nice grooming session.  This is total bonding time for us. 💋

Wednesday was Tyler’s lesson and Chloe did Arrow’s lesson at the same time.  He is doing so awesome!  He went over poles and through a skinny jump and sort of stepped over a flower box.  Some of this can be quite scary and he was a brave boy!  Tyler was doing the same stuff on Slim Shady.  She is really coming along and her interest continues to grow. 🙂  She is now requesting riding clothes.  Horse riding clothes are not cheap. 😲  Today we got her riding gloves.  Piece by piece. 👍

There was a cross country clinic for Eventing put on at Kingsway these past 2 days.  It was put on by Lucinda Green who is a British Olympic and European Medalist for Eventing.  She was also the 1982 World Champion.  Her resume is very impressive!  Tyler and I watched some of it and now she is talking about wanting to learn.  Who knows, maybe she will enroll in one of Lucinda’s classes in the future. We also attended a dinner at Kingsway the night before for everyone in the clinic.  Joe came along and we really had a nice time.  I love the horse community!  They draw you in! 😉  I’m hooked!

Something else cool happened this week. Back when I had started writing this blog I had written about a book called ‘Saving Baby: How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption’ written by Jo Anne Normile.  That is what actually inspired me to start my blog.  She contacted me this week and thanked me for sharing Lake’s story and continuing it through Arrow. That was very special to me.  I’m excited about the future of Arrow and of Tyler!  There will be lots to keep this blog going! 🤪 The pic is of Arrow before we went on our ride.  He is riding English and Western simultaneously.