Oct. 1, 2015

Lesson Learned.....

Sunday I rode Arrow by myself for the 1st time.  It was just him and I in the arena and we had a great ride!  I walked and did a little trotting like Chloe had told me to.  That was what she told me he and I are ready to do.  Cantering never was mentioned. I was even able to get him to go through a very large mud puddle.  He was hesitant at the first and turned to go back to the barn but after a few squeezes of my legs and some coaxing he went through and was very proud when he got a pat and a ‘good boy’!  Soooooo, you would think I would have followed Chloe’s instructions when I rode him again today.  Tyler came to watch.  Things were going just as well as Sunday.  He barely hesitated to go through water this time.  We walked around and then worked into a trot.  We did both directions fine and did a few figure eights.

Now here is where a lesson would be learned.  First of all, what idiot who is not a skilled rider themselves, would attempt to canter a fairly green horse that was still learning the whole canter thing himself?  Me. 😠  We were doing so well going to left (his stronger direction) so I thought I would try cantering him just for a little bit.  I soon realized that it wasn’t a good idea.  He is fast and I had trouble slowing him down and to top it off my saddle slipped to the right which caused him to go even faster.  Once again I ended up with my horse above me looking down at me lying on the ground.  I can’t imagine what must be going through this poor horses head.  The good thing is I slowly slid down the right side of him before my unplanned dismount so it wasn’t as far down but I do have bruising and swelling.  Another good thing is it was on the opposite side this time so I evened it out. 👍  I did get back on and walked him for awhile.  I wanted to end on a good note.  I let Chloe know what happened and of course, she basically told me not to do that again.  She reminded me that not only am I setting myself up for injury but I am also putting Arrow at risk and could set him back in training.  She said he is coming along very nicely. I do plan on riding again Saturday and promise not to go any faster than a gentle trot.  I swear!!  My job right now is to build up our confidence and trust in each other while riding. This is a pic of Arrow on our 1st ride Sunday.