Aug. 22, 2015

Arrow's impact on the Family....

My daughter Tyler never really had an interest in horses.  Lake was a very sweet horse but not a lovey dovey horse.  She was independent and kept to herself so Tyler never bonded with her.  Arrow, on the other hand, has to be where the action is and loves to be around his people!  He left a freshly dropped flake of hay to come over and say ‘hi’ the other afternoon.  Lake never would have done that.  Don’t get me wrong though, I was very close with Lake, she was just a 1 or 2 person horse and Arrow is more social. He did a cute thing the other afternoon.  Joe and I were hanging with Arrow in the pasture when Terry, the owner of the Farm, pulled up to the gate.  Arrow went to get a drink of water so Joe and I walked over to talk to Terry over the gate.  We didn’t hear him come up behind us and the next thing we knew a big horse head came between my head and Joe’s and he was just looking around at the 3 of us like, ‘Hey, what’s everybody doing?’  He is such a character.🙃 Arrow really took a liking to Tyler and she loved the way he would walk over to her when she stood in the pasture.  Tyler never came to my lessons with Lake or out to the Farm when I went to visit her.  After meeting Arrow, she now wants to go to Arrow’s lessons if she can, she always wants to go out in the evenings to take his fly mask off and has now started taking riding lessons at her request.  This is all because of Arrow.  I didn’t expect this. 

Tyler had her 1st lesson on Wednesday and has been talking about it ever since.  I’m still taking it week by week to see if her enthusiasm continues. I may try to work something out with Chloe to part least her horse Slim Shady.  That is the horse Tyler is on. He is so precious.💋 Then we would have a horse for Tyler to ride with me on the weekends and to use if a friend wants to ride with me.  It would be like having a horse and a half!  Tyler needs to show me she really wants to do this before I make that investment. It is also going to be awhile before I will be ready to ride Arrow without Chloe present.  I’m thrilled and she seems excited to have a hobby!  I actually think it will make her more responsible. She was also asking me about how long it would take to learn to ride well enough to do horse shows so it sounds like she is thinking long term. 👍 This is definitely another turn I didn’t expect. 😉