Aug. 10, 2015

The 1st ride goes DOWN in history.....

So my 1st ride on Arrow did not turn out as I had hoped it would but it’s all good!😉  It turns out Arrow is a little greener than 1st thought.  It would appear that he wasn’t really ridden after his short racing career and spent a lot of time in a pasture with cows before going to a meat auction.  We have also learned that he spooks quite a bit and this did result in my having an unplanned dismount. 🤪  I brought Arrow up from his pasture, groomed him and put his saddle on. I used my Western saddle since this was my 1st time on him.  So much for thinking I would have a better chance of staying on!👎 The English bridle is fairly new to me so Chloe resized it for Arrow’s head.  I rode him down to the arena.  This was the 1st time Tyler came to watch a lesson. (hope is doesn’t scare her off)  She has started expressing interest in taking riding lessons so she can ride Arrow.  She was watching with Chloe’s mom Donna.  We started out walking and trotting in a circle.  He has a really nice trot and I was posting the trot.  Then we moved to figure 8’s which I had done many times on Lake.  At the middle of the 8 we rode towards Chloe and at some point she moved into his view and that was it.  Arrow spooked and went sideways to the right and I was going up while posting and continued to the left, rolled over in the air and landed flat on my back and butt.  I think I actually bounced. My chiropractor said I have a serious injury and cannot ride for a few weeks.😠  The good thing is that Arrow stopped immediately and didn’t take off.  He just looked down at me like, “Hey, how did you get down there?”  He seemed genuinely concerned.  Chloe got back on and rode him towards me a few times the same way I had until he relaxed.  Yes, I did get back on and we walked around before heading back up to the barn.  I have to say, he seemed to want to be very careful as to not lose me again!  It was very precious.  Arrow is quite a bit further back in training than Lake was.  I rode her alone on the trails by the 2nd weekend she was there.  It will probably be about a month before I will even attempt to ride him in the arena without Chloe present.  Trails are a ways down the road. Wednesday is going to be the start of desensitizing him.  We are also going to add 1 more day of training a week for the next few months.  What I like about this whole situation is the fact that Arrow and I are really starting from the beginning and this is going to make me an even more successful horse owner.  Lake didn’t spook at hardly anything and Arrow is just the opposite.  I am now going to learn how to desensitize a horse and I didn’t even think about needing to know that until now.  Arrow is a smart horse and I believe him and I are going to come out of this re-training successfully! 

I had planned on riding Arrow on Saturday or Sunday but that was shelved after Friday’s ride.  I took my Dad and brother, A.K.A Uncle Bob out to hang out with Arrow while I groomed him.  On Sunday Arrow had some visitors and that will be the next post.  I am continuing to find out how small the ‘Horse’ world really is!